91LIFE was created for cannabis connoisseurs, by cannabis connoisseurs, with the simple mission of helping fellow patients find the absolute finest connoisseur quality cannabis available at local dispensaries. Our ultimate goal is to use our expertise to help people easily identify the highest quality medical cannabis products available in any given area… it’s that simple :)


The name 91LIFE stems from our love for Chem Dog’s legendary breeding line (circa 1991), along with our general lust for life, hence the name, 91LIFE. In many ways this project is a homage to Chem Dog & all the great North American breeders who’ve blessed us with their incredible discoveries & innovations.


Here at 91LIFE, we take a lot of pride in tracking the highest quality cannabis products available anywhere. At the core of 91LIFE is our Today’s Picks section located on our home page. This section contains a series of curated lists featuring ten elite flowers, concentrates, & edibles available in any given location. You can rest assured, if a product is featured on the 91LIFE home page, it’s seriously legit, & definitely worth being in your stash.


The driving force of 91LIFE is StickyGuide’s residential cannabis savant, Eric Matthew Solomon, AKA, Lifeboy. Eric has built an outstanding reputation over the last 6 years, working as a manager, marketer, & horticulturalist for medical cannabis dispensaries in Sacramento & Los Angeles.