Cannabinol (CBN) Heralded As Sleep Aid

Cannabinol or CBN Assists SleepPhoto by Steep Hill Labs

Medical Marijuana Patients Rest With Cannabinol

Lab-tested medical cannabis strains are often labeled with percentages of THC, CBD, and CBN. But while patients are certainly familiar with THC, and are increasingly aware of the benefits of CBD, cannabinol (CBN) remains less widely appreciated.

…less than 5 mg of cannabinol (CBN) is as effective as a mild pharmaceutical sedative.

In their educational article, “CBN: A Sleeping Synergy,” Steep Hill Halent points out that those who are aware of cannabinol tend to misunderstand its significance. Cannabinol is produced through the oxidization of THC, and this oxidization process is commonly considered an unwanted degradation, indicating that cannabis is old or has not been properly stored. It’s a reasonable assumption, but overlooks the value of CBN’s sedative effect.

Steep Hill Halent reports that cannabinol is an extremely potent sedative, even in minute quantities, in part because it works synergistically with THC and CBD. Apparently, less than 5 mg of CBN is as effective as a mild pharmaceutical sedative, and in the proper cannabinoid ratio, cannabinol is excellent at inducing sleep and keeping patients asleep through the night.

CBN also treats glaucoma, fights free radicals, and relieves pain. And because cannabinol is minimally psychoactive, it is a useful alternative to THC. Steep Hill Halent predicts that further research will uncover even more therapeutic benefits of “this often misunderstood cannabinoid.”


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