The Man Behind The Bubble

Bubble Man - Interview with Bubble Hash Maker and Creator of Bubble Bags

The Man Behind The Bubble … an interview with Bubble Man

Here at 91life, we love our bubble hash! Since the conception of 91life, one of our main focuses has been to review and promote connoisseur quality all-natural extracts. Over the past few years, the medical marijuana community has taken a major shift away from natural extracts while growing increasingly fixated on solvent extracts (aka hash oil, BHO, wax, etc.). Extracts derived from solvents provide more economic incentive for vendors as they require lower grade plant material & boast higher yields compared to natural extraction methods. Just a few years ago it wasn’t uncommon to find a respectable selection of high quality all-natural ‘full-melt’ hash products available at most dispensaries, but as the demand for wax rises, it’s become more & more difficult to find high quality ‘full-melt’ hash aka bubble hash. Fortunately, while the wax craze rages on, there are still folks out there doing great things to promote & advance the many wonders of all-natural hashish.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most important figures in the history of hashish; Fresh Headies founder, master extract artisan, photographical genius, & hemp maverick… Bubble Man. Bubble Man founded Fresh Headies in 1999 after working for a decade in Canada’s burgeoning medical cannabis scene. Since then he has made some of the most prolific contributions towards the modern advancement of natural hash making techniques. Not only have his inovations changed the way that we make & consume bubble hash, but his unwavering passion for purifying cannabis resin has inspired thousands to follow in his footsteps. So, without further ado…

Bubble Man & Sun Grown Bubble Hash in Jamaica

Eric: Bubble Man, my man! Thanks for making this interview happen. Here @ 91life we’re all about our connoisseur quality hashish so I know our readers will be stoked to hear it from the man himself!!

Bubble Man: Well it’s definitely been my focus for a long time so I hope I don’t disappoint!

Eric: So … first off … I saw that you just got back from a tropical hash expedition down in Jamaica!! Tell us about that? Any interesting genetics or cultivars that you ran into? And of course, how was the hash?

Bubble Man: I was actually down there signing reggae artists to a Youtube network a friend of mine runs, but the trip was great! I was able to find some really nice Jamaican gum (finger hash) as well as some herb that I ran into bubble. Nothing as amazing as what I could’ve found myself had I spent a few days on the island looking, but still pretty damn nice. Hard to beat that tropical sun-grown resin!

Sativa herbs grown in the tropical sun produce resin with higher levels of volatile oils (i.e. terpenes & terpenoids).

Eric: I’ve always preferred proper sun-grown flowers over lamp-grown flowers. I’ve read some recent literature suggesting that cannabinoid & terpene profiles don’t manufacture to their full potential under artificial light (produced by lamps). Do you find yourself preferring resin extracted from either lamp-grown or sun-grown cannabis, & have you ever noticed increased flavor or potency one way or the other?

Bubble Man: Well you just can’t beat sun-grown resin, and you really can’t beat tropical sun-grown resins. The terpene content is just soo much higher when grown under the tropical sun. That being said, I’ve immensely enjoyed some light grown resin over the years, but my favorite till this day would have to of been ‘tropical sun-grown resin’. The flavor is always greater with the sun-grown resins :)

Eric: Can you recall some of the most exotic & flavorful tropical sun-gown you’ve ever puffed on?

Bubble Man: Jamaican Purple Skunk & Pineapple Skunk (but who knows with the names these days). My favorites are generally the true sativa plants, (6 foot tall plus). Not as many true high-end sativas’ are growing (in Jamaican) anymore. Most are short plants grown in marsh like spots. With that said, I have a special fondness for the (African) Congolese and the Mullumbimby Madness from Australia.

Bubble Bags Make Bubble Hash History

Eric: Sounds delicious!! … so … let’s start back in the beginning … How did your fascination with hashish begin?

Bubble Man: Well … I guess it would’ve had to have started with the herb. I’ve always loved herb, and have had a deeply spiritual relationship with it for over 20 years. Originally I’m from Manitoba, where as a teenager me and a few of my friends decided we were going to get hemp growing in our province legally. People mostly laughed at us, but within 9 months we had an experimental crop going, and within another 8 months from that we had changed the law from experimental to commercial, so people could actually make money growing hemp in our province. After the hemp got growing I moved out to BC and hooked up with Hilary Black from the BC Compassion Club (it didn’t exist yet but it was in the beginning stages). I became one of their first growers along with Romulan Joe. So, I’ve been deeply involved with the plant in some way or another for many years, and in that time I’ve learned that when we use hemp, we generally take ‘one from the whole’ (i.e. seed oil, hemp fibers, cellulose), so I figured along the way that maybe that’s how it was meant to be inhaled as well, but with just the active (euphoric/medicinal) ingredients.

“… when we use hemp, we generally take ‘one from the whole’ (i.e. seed oil, hemp fibers, cellulose), so I figured along the way that maybe that’s how it was meant to be inhaled as well, but with just the active (euphoric/medicinal) ingredients…”

~Bubble Man
The BC Compassion Club is among the longest operating medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada..

Eric: I can appreciate that logic… What was it like when you first started making water-extracts back in the day? Was there a lot of trial and error in the beginning?

Bubble Man: In the beginning there was definitely some trial and error. I came in 7 months behind the Ice-o-lator bags, and I knew two bags just wasn’t going to be enough, so in the early days it was about experimenting with different size screens. Back then people didn’t even know the size of the micron holes in their sifting screens, so that was part of my research as well. Once I figured out the basic sizes of the screens it was easy from there to start trying out different screen sizes to achieve different grades of bubble.

Bubblebags was the first water-extraction tool on the market to go beyond two sifting screens. The use of more screens allowed bubble hash makers to isolate different trichome sizes while achieving a more refined product.

Eric: I can imagine figuring out the micron size for the 25µ screen was quite the task. What made you decide to start producing bubble bags & other extraction equipment?

Bubble Man: I had been helping out the compassion club with holding some of their herbs at my house because they’d had some problems with break-ins. On my way home one night I went through a road block and got caught with 16 lbs of herb. This was a fairly substantial event in my life, and at the time I really thought I was in serious trouble. However, with the support of the club members, the judge saw the light and gave me no time, no fine, and ordered the little bit of cash I had be given back to me. However, this was years before there were medical cannabis exemptions in Canada, so I still have a record. Afterwords my wife mentioned how it would be great if I could find something else to do. This was when I started to become interested in the water extraction process. I had seen Ice-o-lators and heard of Sadhu Sams water-extraction, and wanted to do something with the process. I went to Amsterdam to meet with Mila and see if I could distribute for her in Canada, but the meeting didn’t go as planned, and she wasn’t interested. I went home fairly bummed out, and at dinner one night my wife mentioned to me,”why not make your own bags? Why not change it up and better the product.” So a few months went by with these ideas floating around until we did just that; purchased our own Bernina sewing machine, some gortex and screen, and of course a high end camera and computer (this was the key). This was 1999, and I started my account on as ‘Bubble Man’, and started posting photos of what I was making with the help of my local friends like Breeder Steve, Romulan Joe, and other incredible growers that were supplying me with trim.

In this 1987 issue of High Times Magazine you can see an ad for ‘Sadhu Sam’s Secret’, the first widely distributed instructional documentation for creating water hash. The two ‘secret’ household items are water & a coffee can… sorry Sam! 😉

Eric: It’s really amazing how sometimes life changing opportunities can come out of the most adverse situations. … And how about dry-sifting? When did you first start experimenting with making kief & how did that come about?

Bubble Man: I started dry-sifting years ago before I was wet washing, but it wasn’t until meeting and hanging with the Skunkman that I realized dry-sift could be refined to such a purity… the quality blew me away.

2nd screen II (1)
What is dry-sifting? Humans have been dry-sifting cannabis for hundreds of years. It’s the most widely used & time-tested method for making hash in the history of mankind. Dry-sifting cannabis involves the process of extracting resin by gently agitating plant material in order to dislodge the resin glands. The resulting concentrate preparation is typically referred to as a ‘kief’ or ‘polm’. The two most popular modern methods for agitating plant material are 1:) shuffling buds across a screen with a plastic card, & 2:) tumbling the buds in a tumble-sifting machine like the Tumblenow. Extract artisans will typically employ the use of multiple screens to further refine their kief into a fullmelt quality product.

Eric: And how did the Bubblebox come about?

Bubble Man: Gypsy Nirvana had been making some nice boxes for about six months when I told him he should really consider adding at least a secondary screen (as a single screen box is just silly). He kept on going with his single screen, and ofter a year or two I decided I was going to make my own box, and so the three screen box was born. Being able to clean your resin just made too much sense to me. So I guess the real question should be, “why did it take so long for the canna industry to come out with three screen boxes”?

IMG_2959 (1)
This image of pure glandular trichome heads shows how refined dry-sift hash can get when using a set of screens to further purify the extract.

Eric: For those who might be unfamiliar with the awesomeness of full melt dry-sift, why would one prefer smoking dry-sift over wet-sift hash? Do you notice that trichomes that haven’t been soaked/frozen have better qualities?

Bubble Man: Well, that’s a tricky question because I’ve been lucky enough to sample some of the worlds best bubble hash over the years, and I gotta’ say, when you get a 10/10 full melt (water hash), it’s hard to beat. With that said, dry-sift is a full flavor experience because no water solubles are leached out. Once you attain the ultimate purity of dry-sift heads, you will have what I dub an “unadulterated cannabinoid high”… and that’s something to cherish.

“Once you attain the ultimate purity of dry-sift heads, you will have what I dub an “unadulterated cannabinoid high”… and that’s something to cherish.”

~Bubble Man
3rd screen 35 mins of work III (1)
Pure trichome heads decapitated from their stalks. Trichome stalks don’t contain any significant amount of cannabinoids or essential oils.
_MG_6393cropped (1)
This melting dry-sift shot shows how the trichome stalks are ‘non-glandular’, and will not melt even while their glandular heads are melting. The stalks almost look like maggots in the melting oil.

Eric: You recently posted on Instagram that you haven’t smoked flowers for almost 15 years (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s pretty extraordinary (to say the least). What made you decide to make the switch to consuming hash exclusively? Do you ever come across a particularly stellar flower (that you can’t turn into bubble hash) & feel the urge to fall off the hash-purist bandwagon?

Bubble Man: Yeah it’s true, I have a hard time smoking herb these days. It was probably more like 12 years to be honest, and this past trip to Jamaica I actually smoked a few joints (mostly hash filled) with some friends, and I found it just sooo much less enjoyable than smoking pure hash. It’s like you’ve been eating the pizza all these years without the box, and then one day you go back to eating the box with the pizza… it’s just not going to be as enjoyable. When you consider that the active ingredient (i.e. the medicinals) on cannabis all secrete inside the head of the glandular trichome, it makes perfect sense. If I wanted to access the cellulose for paper, I would extract that out. If I wanted to use the fibre for cloth, I would extract that out. If I wanted to access the health benefits from the seed, I would extract the oil. Always, when using hemp, you take the one from the whole. People generally seem to adhere to this concept except for when it comes to smoking where people are still using the entire plant (plus wrapping it in paper and glue … doh!!).

It’s like you’ve been eating the pizza all these years without the box, and then one day you go back to eating the box with the pizza… it’s just not going to be as enjoyable.”

~Bubble Man on why he chooses bubble hash over flowers

What is Full Melt? ‘Full Melt’ is a term used to describe high quality hashish (water hash or dry-sift) that melts (& bubbles) when heated due to its high purity. The level of volatile oils (terpenes & terpenoids) present in the trichomes are responsible for determining the ‘meltiness’ of the hashish.

Eric: Alright … here’s where the questions start getting tricky… If you were being exiled onto an island, and you could only bring one clone with you to grow, for life, what would it be? *(note, on this fantasy island you would have an indoor and greenhouse setup … I’m hookin’ you up bro)

Bubble Man: Well … that would be difficult. I would definitely say it would have to be a Haze. Not sure exactly which one but if I’m on a tropical island I’m growing some epic sativa. I’ve always enjoyed a friends local haze strain called ‘The Krush’. Breeder Steve’s Sweet Skunk has been a longtime favorite of mine. I absolutely love the Rene with its fruity taste/aroma & hazey overtones in the air after exhale. I’m gonna have to say the Krush… yeah… Krush!!… mmmmmm

The Krush in early bloom.

Eric: Sounds delicious!!! Now to further complicate things, on this island, if you could only bring either a:) a bubblebox for dry-sift … or .. b:) a set of bubblebags … which would you choose to bring along, & why? *(remember this means you’d be smoking either dry-sift or wet-sift for eternity).

Bubble Man: Oh I’m gonna get around this one nicely… Bubblebags for sure!! .. and why you ask? Well with Bubblebags, not only can I wet wash, but I can stretch the bottom of the bags over a frame and use them as dry screens… oh yeah!! I’m gonna be puffing full-melt dry-sift and wet wash… whoo hooo!!

Eric: … touché … touché … so … 91life was named ’91life’ because I have this profound obsession with ’91 Chem (and all things Chem related) … have you ever prepared/smoked a ’91 Chem extract, or an extract from any other Chem pheno (i.e. Chem 4, Chem d, Chem sister etc.). If so, your thoughts on the Chem Dawg lineage? ?

Bubble Man: Love it… epic herb to say the least… was puffing some lovely Chem D dry-sift just last night while filming for Breal TV on “Class in Sesshion” People can say what they want about it… and they have a lot to say… but bottom line… those Chem D lines’ have the funk … and I love the fuuuunk!!

Eric: Me too dude … live for it … I’m wondering, what’s the most productive (i.e. high yielding) hash-plant you’ve ever extracted hash from?

Bubble Man: Well … funny enough … without a shadow of a doubt, it was the BC Hashplant, aka the Champagne. Always got a 10% plus return, which is very high for water hash. And not only the return yeild was great, but each grade from the 160u down to the 25µ all melted into a liquid. I miss that strain very much :(

Plants such as this BC Hashplant (aka Champagne) are referred to as ‘Hashplants’ because of their remarkable resin production.

Bubble Hash Vs. Forces Of The Underground Market

Eric: Gnarly … melt from the 160u?!? Never heard of such a thing! I know that stressing a plant in its final weeks can dramatically increase resin production. Have you ever employed any special ‘stress-techniques’ in order to increase resin production. e.g. prolonged darkness, beating up your plants, special feedings, water deprivation, humidity deprivation, etc.

Bubble Man: Unfortunately, being as high profile as I am, I haven’t grown herb in quite a few years. I grew before I started Bubblebags, but as Bubblebags gained momentum, it was a good idea to stop. I would love to get my federal exemption here in Canada and be able to grow for my own medicine, but that’s something still in the pipeline. With that said, when I did grow, I absolutely stressed my plants to increase resin productions. From letting the plants dry out extra long, to allowing cold air into the room, and even one time I drove small nails into the base of the stalks. This affected the vegetative yield in a negative way, but increased the resin production in a positive way. Prohibition based growing often steers us away from such ideas as we’re more focused on plant matter, but when we shift our focus to the resin, we can really start making a difference.

“Prohibition based growing often steers us away from such ideas as we’re more focused on plant matter, but when we shift our focus to the resin, we can really start making a difference.”

~Bubble Man
Trichomes become increasingly amber as they ripen producing higher amounts of cannabinoids & essential oils.

Eric: Do you have any experience with the old school hash extraction methods? Like beating a whole cannabis plant against a wall (as they do in Morocco) and then molding the resin into charas?

Bubble Man: I’ve played around with old school methods… from finger rubbing, to Moroccan beating techniques… I’ve even played around with static electricity and sound vibrations. It’s all good & fun, but still, nothing has stuck like the water extraction. That being said, I have really been focusing on my dry-sifting techniques this past year, and have now reached the point where I can finally get my dry-sift to 98% gland head purity.

Jamaican finger-hash, aka ‘Gum’, is produced by rubbing the herb with bare hands & slowly accumulating wads of hashish from the friction.

Eric: I saw you posted something on IG that suggested you weren’t a big fan of the imported hashes available at Dutch coffee shops (moroccan, lebanese etc.) Do you recall any ‘landrace hash’ that you’ve particularly enjoyed while traveling abroad? Have you ever sampled a ‘landrace hash’ that’s veered towards full-melt quality?

Bubble Man: Well I’m sure that has a lot to do with how I was turned onto hash. I useed to get Nepalese finger hash back in the day so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for that taste, however, I smoke mostly for ‘effect’ these days. No matter how great it tastes, if it doesn’t give you the effect you’re looking for, you’re going to go looking elsewhere. With that said… till this day the Jamaican gum can rock me. I was blown away being in Jamaica this past week how I was able to find ounces of good finger hash (aka gum), and the potency was fully there. No other hash I’ve tried that was made around the globe has had such a powerful effect on me.

A beautiful shot of some Jamaican Gum… straight from da’ beach mon! :)

Eric: Speaking of Jamaica … back to our island fantasy (I know … I’m crazy) So … if on this island, you could only have either a:) 100% landrace Afghani … or b:) 100% landrace Thai … which would it be, & why?

Bubble Man: Well damn!!… That’s a tough one… You know that potency in the Afghani is key, but the hazeyness from the Thai… well … I’m gonna’ go with Thai… I would play with that and come up with some wonderful things over the years I’m sure.

Legendary Breeders Create Award Winning Bubble Hash

Eric: Nice!! I’d have to go for the Thai as well. I’d rather have eternal euphoria than eternal stoniness (although I wouldn’t mind that) … I’m wondering … Who are some of your all-time favorite ganja breeders?

Bubble Man: I have always appreciated the breeders who actually ‘puff tuff’, so my list of breeders to watch for includes: Skunkman Sam, He’s done more for the cannabis world that most will ever know. I’m certain he’s forgotten more about breeding than the majority of breeders will ever learn. Breeder Steve, not in the game anymore, but man … when he was … the stuff he produced was heavenly. DJ Short, a man who truly knows what he’s doing. I’ve always enjoyed DJ’s work, & his strains clearly show his brilliance. Chimera, a young gun from Canada. When I first met him he was doing great work in regards to changing the way we grow and breed cannabis. Soma, a guy who actually puffs the majority of his own herb and resins. This is what keeps a breeder in line with what’s important in my opinion. All these guys can hit the full-melt bubble like its going out of style… and for that I give them props!!!

Eric: Your photography is spectacular, and your instagram following is ever-growing. How did you become such an avid shutterbug & where did you pickup some of your skills?

Bubble Man: When I started Bubblebags in 1999 there were very few people posting epic photos of hashish online. This was the year for cannabis sites to blow up. came out, as did,, and maybe even Anyway, Breeder Steve was posting away at Overgrow when he told me I should register over there. So I went over there and registered, and the rest is history. The entire way I promoted my company was to photograph my own plants and resins. This was the beginning of a lifelong relationship with photography. I have always purchased the next level of camera as they came out, and I took some photography classes over the years. Eventually I started shooting and writing for Cannabis Culture Magazine, which brought me exposure from National Geographic (who I sold some photos to back in 2004 for a documentary they did as part of the Taboo series).

DJ Short’s Blueberry… brilliant!!

Eric: What’s the strongest hash you’ve ever smoked (or at least something that stands out in your memory as being ridiculous fyah)?

Bubble Man: Well the dry-sift from the Skunkman, the first time I hit it it overwhelmed me. I couldn’t believe it could be that strong. Over the years I’ve become more accustomed to it, and I have to admit, it doesn’t rock me the way it use to … but damn … if that (Skunkman) hash isn’t some of the strongest in the world… man…

Eric: Have you ever done any breeding yourself?

Bubble Man: I have not bred any plants unfortunately… future plants perhaps!!!!

Eric: I assume you’ve accumulated quite a few trophy moms over the years? Are there a few near and dear to your heart?

Bubble Man: I have collected plants over the years (i.e. moms) but I don’t have room for them myself, so I leave them with friends. The BC Hashplant, Rene, The Krush, Sweet Skunk and the Congolese all are favorites, that are still growing… somewhere :)

Landrace Congolese from Le Mano Negre. Rainha Gingha’s husband originally collected these beans in Africa.

Methodology For Creating Marijuana Concentrates & Bubble Hash

Eric: When was the last time you made some rosin? I made a batch a few months back with some soso 25µ and it came out really nice, but it took some serious elbow grease to make just a few grams.

Bubble Man: Been awhile since I whipped up some rosin… most of the bubble I aquire is fullmelt so there’s never any reason, but the odd time I will see some bubble cross my path that has special properties and great potency, I will further extract using the rosin method.

‘Rosin’ (in respect to hash making) refers to the process of taking mid-grade hash and refining it by rubbing the hash on a heated surface and then collecting the residual oil. The process is quite arduous, but it’s an effective means for transforming lesser quality hash into a ‘full melt’ product.

Eric: I notice when I smoke 25µ full-melt rosin I get a high that’s in some ways beyond the 73µ/90µ full melts taken from the same cultivar. I find it’s ‘extra mind-bending & racy’ … if that makes any sense … you ever notice this phenomena?

Bubble Man: Well I certainly have with sativas’, especially sun grown sativas’. The heads are generally smaller and the high is very racy. I remember this specifically with the Mullumbimby Madness from Australia. Incredibly tiny heads, but extremely racy and potent!!

Pressed hash collected from the 25u micron.

Eric: Have you ever used lab testing to track the differences between different genetics, screens, & extraction techniques (i.e. the varying results from different methods of plant agitation)?

Bubble Man: I haven’t really done much lab testing. I’ve had a few things tested here and there, but for the most part I find I can gauge the percentage of THC in my hash based on the melt factor. I find that the uber full melt (that turns into oil puddles) will usually be between 60%-70% THC (info I gathered from Sam the Skunkman who has used lab testing to track his product).

Eric: Hash makers seem to be paying more & more attention to controlling & tracking the variables involved with their hash making process (i.e. using larger ice cubes, sustaining colder temperatures). Do you consider this an important step in consistently achieving a high quality product?

Bubble Man: I find that the water extraction method is fairly simple, and a lot of people out there these days are convinced that if they control the variables, they will control the quality. I believe the quality of the resin is there from the start. You won’t increase the quality using water extraction. You can merely increase the purity % of gland heads. The grower and the genetics are going to be most responsible for the fullmelt’s effects. If you follow the directions for making water hash it’s fairly simple; don’t over mix, use tons of ice, don’t leave the material in the water for any longer than you need to as valuable water soluble terpenes will leach out (if this is the case you can do a light dry-sifting and add that back to your bubble for a fuller taste). The Bubblebags are merely a tool, just like a hammer. Sure you can learn a little technique, but generally, if you swing the hammer the way you’re suppose to, you will hit the nail on the head!!!

“The Bubblebags are merely a tool, just like a hammer. Sure you can learn a little technique, but generally, if you swing the hammer the way you’re suppose to, you will hit the nail on the head!!!”

~Bubble Man

Good Science = Good Bubble Hash

Eric: Have you ever tried or taken an interest in any of these high CBD low THC varieties out there like Harlequin?

Bubble Man: Not so much. I’m less obsessed with cannabinoids these days, & more into the affect of THC modulating volatile oils such as the terpenes and terpenoids. I think a lot more information will come out about this in the upcoming years as more studies are done, but for now I have my head and my pipe, so self-assaying I will do :)

Eric: Recently ‘terpene awareness’ has been on the rise as more & more 420 friendly labs have started offering screening services for terpenes/terpenoids. Do you have any thoughts regarding how breeders, growers, & extract artisans might be able to use terpene testing for the research & development of their products?

Bubble Man: I’m a firm believer that terpenes modulate the effects of THC and other cannabinoids, so once people start to figure this out, it’s going to affect breeders and growers as to how they develop future methods and strains, big time! When I first began talking about this stuff back in 99′, very few people even knew what a terpene was. Thank god for books like ‘Hashish’ by Robert Connel Clarke, a person who has been educating the masses for a along time in regards to all of this (terpenes & terpenoids). He’s one of my mentors for sure along with Skunkman Sam. These guys have been doing this for 30 plus years!!!

Tools To Enjoy The Best Bubble Hash

Eric: I see you’ve been enjoying your new trippy stix. How do you like it so far? I got the regular Trippy Stix, & while I like it, I find the chamber is too deep for bubble hash (although I figure it’s probably fine for oil). I’m curious to try out the mini…

Bubble Man: I met Emilio this past year at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam with Todd Mckormick, and Todd is a serious player in this game, and I knew who ever he was with would be serious too. So it turned out to be Trippy Stix. They gave me one at the cup and I remember shrugging and being like, “meh”. However, after using it for a few days in a row, particularly in situations where a bong rip was unavailable to me, I quickly became very stoked on it. I agree with you on the chamber being a bit to deep for filling, but I managed to figure out a great way to pack it using a ball point, and was getting huge epic rips the entire time I was in Jamaica. I was hanging with dudes who were rolling joints in my hotel room, and then they would have to walk down outside to puff them. In the meantime, I’m hitting my trippy stix in the hotel room, in the hallway, on the way downstairs, in the elevator, in the lobby, and then finally, outside with my friends who are lighting their joints… I’ve already got my bake on 10 times by the time they light their spliff… that’s hard to beat!!

Mobile vape pens like the Trippy Stix are quickly becoming the de facto method for vaporizing extracts.

Eric: Man … after hearing that …. now I’m just thinking of all the different places I could be getting trippy! Ok … so … once again, back to our island fantasy (last time, promise!) … so … on this island … let’s say you can only bring one consumption device, be it a Trippy Stix, Mini-toro w/ nail, Roor w/ screen, Mobius with a hot-wand … anything really, but you could only have one … what would it be?

Bubble Man: I would go for a Roor with a screen… it’s what I’m used to and it’s what I love, and nothing truly rocks me like a rip out of my Roor with bubble hash. Plus, I can always hold my flame/iron a little further away and get the vapor effects as well.

a wise (& poetically inclined) hash smoker once said … “if it don’t bubble, it ain’t worth the trouble”:)

Eric: When taking snappers off a screen do you prefer using a lighter, hemp wick, or soldering iron?

Bubble Man: I use a Beeline wick as well as an Embur, the wireless soldering iron style lighter.

Eric: In your conquest to promote the awesomeness of bubble hash to the world you’re very vocal about your disapproval of solvent-extracts. Can you touch on why you take such a strong stance against 710s?

Bubble Man: Well … I never use to be. I use to just leave it alone, and then over the years I would meet kids who blew themselves up, and were burned over their bodies. This gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I had been involved with the cannabis industry for a few decades and had never seen anything this harsh happen… ever. Before oil explosions, the worst thing to happen to people in the cannabis industry was prohibition. Then a fellow by the name of Indra (he released the method online back in 99′ on contacted me with some heavy information in regards to making oil using butane. He told me about the chemical contaminants in the BHO that bond molecularly to the oil. I did my research and found that ethyl mercaptan is ‘accumulative’ in the body (meaning, it never leaves). It effects the central nervous system and is extremely detrimental to humans. Indra tried sharing this information with a few of the people who really took his information and ran with it, but to no avail. This really started my journey into learning more about the dangers of using chemical solvents to extract resins, especially when one is clearly not a chemist. I’m not saying that there aren’t people out there who can do it safely using clean solvents… but what I am saying is that 99% of the people who are doing it, aren’t those people. It’s unfortunate to see all these young people getting turned onto cannabis through BHO. :(

“Before oil explosions the worst thing to happen to people in the cannabis industry was prohibition.”

~Bubble Man

Eric: Well put … so back to water hash … What’s your favorite bag to extract from lately? Have you considered adding another micron size to the bubblebag lineup?

Bubble Man: I love the 90µ bag, always have, always will. Before I added it we had the real 73µ, which was both the 90µ and 73µ, mixed into one bag. Adding the 90µ bag was the greatest move we ever made. Just ask anyone who’s ever smoked the 90µ. Not saying it’s impossible that we may add another bag in the future, but at this point we are really happy with our 8 bag kit.

141C1411 (1)
When Fresh Headies released the first ever 90µ sifting screen it allowed hash makers to isolate larger trichomes heads that would’ve normally collected in their 73µ bag. Different size trichomes heads from the same plant cultivar can offer varying therapeutic properties.
Close-up of epic quality OG Kush 90µ full melt water hash.

Eric: Do you have any experience with infusing your extracts into food? & … are you a fan of eating edible cannabis preparations yourself?

Bubble Man: Well … I have a friend locally that’s all about that, and I’ve donated to him over the years the 25µ,45µ and 160µ, and they made incredible medibles, including creams/salves, infused honey, cookies, and other food products.

Eric: There’s been a lot of buzz around your fellow Canadian, Rick Simpson, and his literature praising the therapeutic benefits of eating raw un-cooked solvent extracts. Have you ever tried eating your hash r.s.o. style … 100% raw & un-cooked? … (without converting the thc-a to thc in order to avoid obtaining the plants euphoric properties & increase the absorption of thc-a / cbd-a / cbn).

Bubble Man: I’m not a huge eater of cannabis. I prefer the THC before it metabolizes in the liver. 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol metabolite is generally a much stronger experience, especially for people using it recreationally. And as for eating a raw-uncooked oil. I don’t think it’s ideal for people with compromised immune systems to expose themselves to ISO solvent. This is just my opinion, but since day one, when I saw how he (Rick) was making that “hemp oil”, I cringed. However, who am I to say it doesn’t work. I haven’t tried it personally, and those that have seem to have high regards for it. But my spider sense tingles when I see people with compromised immune systems exposing themselves to chemical solvents.

Rick Simpson’s literature regarding producing & ingesting solvent-based extracts has taken off by storm across the mmj community. Many patients have been successful in using R.S.O. oil to treat serious medical conditions.

Food, Culture, Music, & Bubble Hash Making Tips

Eric: I know you love your music. What’s your favorite music to listen to lately when you’re soaring high on a euphoric sativa?

Bubble Man: Well I’ve always had a place in my heart for jam bands… I love Phish, String Cheese, Lotus, Umphrey’s , Gov’t Mule, Allman Bros, and the list goes on and on. I’m also a huge fan of reggae , jazz, and blues… can’t seem to get enough of any of them. Recently in Jamaica I was turned onto some great artists including Chronixx, this kid from the Jah ova Evil crew. Really great music and positive message. Gotta give props to I Wayne as well he’s got the gooood vibes in his music… newest track of his I’m really into is “Herb fi Legalize“, check it out if you get a chance.

Eric: I will check him out for sure!! … Can you give us a glimpse of what you’ve been working on … anything cool coming up in your pipeline?

Bubble Man: I have been doing a ton of stuff lately, but not as much with extractions and cannabis. I do back country snow and ski photography up near Whistler, and have recently started as a licensing director for a top 50 youtube network. That’s why I was recently in Jamaica. Signing artists in order to help them get paid for their music that is currently being listened to and watched for free on youtube. We help those artists monetize their music and get paid for their views, all the while pumping them through our network of 80 million viewers a month, as well as copyright protecting their music with our ‘digital fingerprinting’ of the music. This allows us to monitor who has taken the music and posted it elsewhere, which we then can strike down or monetize.

Eric: That’s awesome dude!! … very futuristic, which bring me to my next question … Not sure if you remember this … but in Back to the Future there was this super awesome futuristic toaster oven (called a Hydrator) that turned a micro-sized pizza in to a full size steaming pizza in just a few seconds … when do you think we can expect something similar from Fresh Headies in the water-extract department? … like … an EZ Bake oven … but for making full melt :)

Bubble Man: I love the idea of an all inclusive unit that you just put water, ice, and herb into and out comes perfectly cured, spread thin and dried, proper bubble hash… Will it happen?… I can’t see why not… but my focus lately is on dry-sifting, thus, the Bubblebox, the Dry-sift 4×4 foot aluminum framed screens, and of course the first Multi-Screen tumble, The Tumble Now. I want to teach people that they don’t need to stop after a single screen, aka ‘farmers grade extraction’. You can keep going and inspire yourself with what you once thought was impossible.

Eric: Recently there has been some discussion online regarding the various methods for drying & curing water-extracts. This subject seems to be one of the most essential elements commonly overlooked in the hash making process. Nikka_T recently had an article published in High Times detailing his drying method. Do you have any tips you can share regarding how to properly dry bubble hash?

Bubble Man: I’ve stayed pretty consistent on this over the years. I still believe in breaking up the bubble onto the most surface area possible & then spreading it thin onto cardboard. I like the dessicant action of the cardboard as hash rarely (if ever) will fully air dry on its own. Now if you’re in a super dry place like Colorado or Arizona, it might be possible, but for the rest of the world you’re going to want to suck out that moisture with the help of gravity and a desiccant. I use a thick three ply cardboard, and because I shoot all my hash with a macro lens I can assure you there is never any cardboard fibres in my hash (like some might suggest). I think the problem over the years is that people have left the hash on the cardboard in chunks, and these chunks dry and attach themselves to the cardboard. The hash should be pushed through a microplane in order to become powdered and allow the most surface area possible. This I’ve found is the best method for drying bubble hash.

Often referred to as the ‘fullmelt bag’… If your material is good enough quality to produce a full melt hash, the first place you’ll likely find it is in the 73u.

Eric: If you had to lay down the ‘five commandments for making stellar full melt bubble’ to help beginners grasp the essentials, what might they be?

Bubble Man: 1: Well the first commandment will have to be the most crucial, and that’s to start with the best possible material. You cannot make fullmelt bubble with sub par herb that was grown more for vegetative yields and less for resin quality.
2: Use the right tools. You can make water hash with pantyhose and pickle jars, but using a 8 bag Bubblebag kit and a Bubblenow is going to increase your purity every time. Purity + quality = FMCD (full-melt cold-water)
3: Use tons of ice and don’t over mix. If you don’t have access to ice, a water chiller will work wonders. The cold doesn’t have to come from ice, it just has to be ice cold. Over mixing (especially fresh material) will release water soluble chlorophyl and green out your hash.
4: Once you’ve pulled the hash out, break it up into powder and spread it thin on cardboard. A plate with wax paper is not ideal because it’s not a desiccant. Using that it will only air dry, and we need the help of gravity to suck the hidden moisture out… this is very important.
5: Do not press the hash all excited that you have made some. I leave mine in powder and I suggest this to the masses. Many people press their hash too early before the moisture is completely out, (and most have zero clue when the hash is actually dry). Leaving it in powder form will allow it to dry further as time passes.

Eric: What do you think is the ideal level of ‘plant material freshness’ for making full melt water-extractions? I saw an old thread on someone was comparing the results of harvest-fresh trim verse two-week old trim and his results seemed to suggest that fresher is always better. What have you found usually works best for you?

Bubble Man: Well I will say this fresher is better if your herb is sub par… fresh is a great way to achieve a higher percentage of volatile oils that are responsible for the melt factor in the bubble hash. With that said, when using top notch material.. it doesnt matter if its been dried for months it will still produce the fullest melt product you ever did see… the majority of the Rene bubble i use to make was from dry dry material. So its a Catch 22 almost… people believe it because they think, “well, when I dry the material it doesn’t produce as melty of a product.” This could be true… but mostly for strains that aren’t really FMCD, but more a ‘half-melt sizzle bubble’, bottom line, the best will melt whether it’s been dried or left fresh to run.

Eric: I see you post a lot of pictures of hash extracted from a single cultivar of cannabis. Do you ever mix cultivars to create hash Smörgåsbords?

Bubble Man: I have done this over the years. We call it the “lucky day profile”, as it’s a unique cannabinoid profile we will likely never see again. But I separate when I can, as I learn more about each strain that way.

Eric: What’s your favorite food to devour after a few snappers of A+ full melt?

Bubble Man: Well, pizza is pretty damn good, but lately it’s been sushi. Can’t get enough of that agedashi spicy tofu and avacado rolls!!!

Eric: Nice!! I love agedashi when I’m super lit!! Do you ever get feedback from the mmj community regarding your products? Can you recall of a specific instance where your products were able to help a patient in their treatment/recovery?

Bubble Man: Oh man … more than I can mention. My most memorable, which was about 6 months after I started, was a girl writing me about her grandfather who was dying from wasting syndrome. He was unable to eat and was down to 92 lbs. They bought the Bubblebags ( 1 gallon size) and bought a few ounces of local black market cannabis (as they truly had zero connections). They followed the instructions and made him some bubble hash, loaded him a little in his sherlock pipe, and after two little puffs she said her grandfather lit up … within an hour, he had eaten an entire chocolate cake. Now the stereotype of cannabis munchies is one we all laugh about in different movies and situations, but here was a situation where it was not only increasing the quality of this mans life, but actually extending it. That has always been one of the most powerful emails I’ve ever gotten from a customer. That’s when I realized that this is much more than just a business.

Eric: That’s a very inspiring story!! … & speaking of inspiration … I want you to make a visionary statement about the future of cannabis … starting with … “I have a dream that” … go!!

Bubble Man: I have a dream, that one day, in the future, we will all have jars and jars of fullmelt bubble and dry-sift … and trading them off to friends will become a thing of daily regularity. I have a jar of fullmelt Congolese dry-sift I would love to trade you for your fullmelt bubble hash Lime Kush :)

Eric: Sweet!! I’d make that trade any day :) … So … Bubble Man … you’re an expert hash artisan, a revolutionary tool inventor, a brilliant photographer, & a successful 420 entrepreneur. What keeps you driven & motivated to do so much?

Bubble Man: I have a fire burning inside me and I can’t control it!! … I merely allow it to direct me. Sometimes it burns so hot I can’t keep it in, and that’s usually when the world gets a new product or some epic quality hash/photos coming their way. I’m inspired by cannabis beyond what most could fathom, & I will have a relationship with this plant till the day I die. I’ll will always do what I can to help anyone in this world who wants some direction when it comes to this herb, and I’m happy to learn from everyone, and happy to share what I’ve learned…

Eric: Much thanks for sharing your wisdom Bubble Man!! Keep it melty my friend …

Bubble Man: Give thanks … bless … Bubble Man ( somewhere in the Whistler backcountry)



great read!! I'm gona get some bags and start making fullmelt for sure :)


"Prohibition based growing often steers us away from such ideas as we are focused on plant matter, but when we shift our focus to the resin, we can really start making a difference." ... true wisdom


wow ... awesome

dabbin' all day

I need to start smokin more fullmelt instead of wax


I acquired my first set in early 2000s. I was growing in tx and it made a new product only whispered in the once small mj community in houston. I live in colorado now n its just dab dab dab ......this article makes me remembery first set of bags comin in the mail. Im going to side x side half my crop to make sum natural resins, oppposed to smoking lighter fluid.

bri fari

Up in the hills of jamaica ice cubes are a tough to find item.


good project


Thank you for saving the world. You should look up read about the thirteen Sun on you tube and Dr. Robert Beck and orgonite. Have a best life ever mexica13


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