August 29, 2014

Marijuana Strain Blueberry OG from CRAFT Collective, San Francisco Bay Area

Blueberry OG

CRAFT Collective, San Francisco Bay Area


It would be logical to assume that Blueberry OG is synonymous with the Blueberry and OG Kush hybrid commonly known as Blueberry Kush. But according to Bay Area delivery service CRAFT Collective, their Blueberry OG came from an old friend in Mendocino County, who crossed Skunk with Blueberry to create this hybrid, which “grows like an indica and is quite vigorous.”

CRAFT’s Blueberry OG is organically grown and Clean Green certified. It has been tested by SC Labs and contains an impressive 24.5% THC.


These flowers are a muted shade of pale green and are fairly dense, with rust-colored hairs and a thick coating of trichomes in shades of ivory and cream.

The aroma is tart and tangy, with strong notes of sweet floral perfume, zesty pine, and overripe fruit. It’s earthy and herbal and mildly musky with a hint of mint. These layers of appealing scents blend nicely to produce a richly enticing fragrance. (Despite Blueberry OG’s reported Skunk lineage, there is no discernible skunk smell.)

Blueberry OG swiftly envelops you in pillowy comfort…a pleasantly fuzzy, slightly heavy head high sweeps away any trace of anxiety and induces a sudden sense of emotionally soothing calm and contentment.


This Blueberry OG has a pleasant flavor that is mild and smooth. It’s slightly sweet yet also a bit savory, with a dusty, toasted quality. There is a lighter, more subdued reflection of the tangy tartness in the aroma, along with a distinct floral taste tinged with pine and earthy, herbal, smoky undertones. Finally, a touch of blueberry emerges in the exhalation and aftertaste.


After a brief moment of hesitation, Blueberry OG swiftly envelops you in pillowy comfort. The effect is gentle but unmistakably powerful, with an overall softening sensation. A pleasantly fuzzy, slightly heavy head high sweeps away any trace of anxiety and induces a sudden sense of emotionally soothing calm and contentment. It’s deliciously mellow, yet also distinctly clear and lucid, inspiring a present, mindful, and meditative state of consciousness. There is also a satisfyingly relaxing body stone that is moderately effective at relieving pain and nausea, but it is comparatively subtle relative to the more pronounced cerebral effect. The physical effect is numbing and somewhat inclined toward laziness, but not particularly sedative.

In very small doses, Blueberry OG is beautifully suited to daytime relaxation and mood enhancement without impairing functionality. It is, however, extremely potent, so exceeding a few small puffs over the course of several hours may produce a cheery but surprisingly incapacitating fog of complacence, although it never becomes overwhelming or uncomfortably intense.

Blueberry OG from San Francisco Bay Area Dispensary CRAFT Collective

August 27, 2014

Marijuana Edible Trokie from Edible Ideas, Oakland


San Francisco Bay Area Collectives

“What is a Trokie?” is a loaded question ending with a sparkling mouth full of minty fresh breath. Delivering countless benefits, the Trokie – also spelled as troche – is safe, reliable, discrete, and convenient. It allows the everyday citizen to easily medicate in public without anyone being the wiser. Designed with great care by a Doctor of Pharmacology, the Trokie offers optimal absorption of cannabinoids without the heavy or disorienting side effects that may inhibit abilities to fully function during day-to-day activities. Have to take that unexpected business-call? No problem.

Trokie Medical Cannabis Edible

The Latin word Troche (Troh-kee) is defined as ‘little wheel’ or ‘delivery’, and has been used as a form of medicine since the 1950’s. While oral dosing methods known as buccal (between the cheek and gum) or sublingual (under the tongue) are both traditionally effective for medical cannabis patients, buccal dosing is the preferred method of delivery for the Trokie. By diffusing medicine directly into the bloodstream through oral tissues, these methods of absorption bypass a degrading path through the digestive system. Buccal placement allows the Trokie to dissolve with minimized saliva production while enhancing the amount of medicine traveling directly to the bloodstream. Referred to as the First Pass Effect, we like to think of this process as a shortcut through the body maze, reserving potency for the real task at hand. Afterall, who doesn’t want more for their money?

Putting patients first and foremost in medicine, the Trokie is a health conscious product from start to finish. Trokie extracts are created from the finest, sun grown California cannabis, free of growth enhancers and pesticides. Independent laboratory tests are run on every batch of the Trokie, assuring they are free of solvents and toxins. The Trokie doesn’t contain any calories, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and is also gluten free. Trokie scientists have kept all sorts of dietary restrictions in mind, making their product available to as many patients as possible. The Trokie offers a clear and energetic experience, without the racy anxiety that can accompany an alert headspace. Light and uplifting, the high elevates mood levels with a calm and relaxing undertone that is quite soothing.

…the Trokie is safe, reliable, discrete, and convenient. It allows the everyday citizen to easily medicate in public without anyone being the wiser.

Though tolerances vary, many patients find one quarter of a Trokie to be an adequate dose of medicine to fulfill their needs, whereas half of a Trokie can be more than enough. When taken correctly the Trokie consistently delivers medicinal cannabis in reliable doses, allowing patients to choose exactly what effect they are seeking each and every time. The Trokie cannabis extract is decarboxylated at the perfect temperature and pressure, improving the levels of THC bioavailability while retaining the plants terpenes and flavonoids. Wait…Decarboxy-what?!

Decarboxylation: a word representing a concept that sounds bigger and much more intimidating than it truly is. In its raw state, cannabis offers a high percentage of the cannabinoid THCA. This is an extremely beneficial cannabinoid that operates without the psychoactive effects many patients are accustomed to experiencing when medicating with cannabis. So how does THCA become psychoactive THC? When carboxylic acid (CO2) is released from THCA through heat and pressure, the resulting compound is THC.

Science Behind the Trokie Medical Cannabis Edible

Have you ever found yourself immediately attracted to the bouquet or flavor of a specific cannabis strain? That pleasing aromatherapy experience was brought to you by terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds are more than a pleasant olfactory treat; they too are a form of medicine, important to retain during decarboxylation. The retention of terpenes and flavonoids helps to improve the effectiveness of the cannabinoids while offering additional health benefits such as lowering inflammation, acting as an analgesic and muscle relaxant, and improving immune function. The next time you find yourself drawn to a specific strain, consider the possibility that you may be attracted to a compound or set of compounds that uniquely benefit you in some way. Why would you want medicine that has been stripped of all the extra goods?

Cannabis contains nearly 500 natural components, and 66 of them have been classified as cannabinoids. Have you ever wondered what the relationship between these compounds might be and how they vary from strain to strain? In 1963, Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam was the first to determine the structure of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, continuing on to be the first to isolate the psychoactive cannabinoid THC from cannabis the following year. Dedicated to his life’s work with cannabis research, Raphael Mechoulam recognized the beneficial relationships between cannabis compounds working together. In 1999 he defined the phenomena as the entourage effect, which encompasses the idea that multiple compounds synergistically partner with one another to assist the human body and its needs. Said simply, synergy.
The Trokie delivers a medicinal burst of this synergistic relationship in every dose. Now that you understand how and why the Trokie is unique, get out there and try one for yourself! Trokie by Edible Ideas.

Trokie from San Francisco Bay Area Company Edible Ideas

July 23, 2014

Marijuana Strain Noshaq Kush from Takoma Wellness Center, Washington DC

Noshaq Kush

Takoma Wellness Center, Washington DC


Noshaq is the one of the highest peaks in the Hindu Kush Range, near the Kush valley famous for its Indicas. Noshaq Kush is genetically derived from the Afghan Kush grown in that fertile valley and is a new strain that has just recently come onto the scene.

The strain is available in the various Washington DC dispensaries, such as the Takoma Wellness Center, Capitol City Care, or Metropolitan Wellness Center. We got our flower of Noshaq Kush from my personal favorite dispensary Takoma Wellness Center, a non-profit dispensary in DC that helps the community in so many ways. They donate proceeds to the local Whitman-Walker AIDS clinic and are active members in the community. Takoma Wellness Center is always adding new strains and improving their presentation of top quality cannabis medicine. I use medical cannabis for my fibromyalgia and have been visiting this dispensary for almost a year now. The entire staff treats you like family, and visiting is always a pleasant experience.

I use medical cannabis for my fibromyalgia. The relatively high CBG (13%) may have a lot to do with the strain’s effectiveness, for my anxiety was eased, and my spirit lifted. My mind relaxed along with my muscles.

I enjoy testing the effects of the various cannabinoids, especially the ones I haven’t tried yet. I have sampled THC and CBD extensively, but I have not yet really sampled CBG (Cannabigerol). When I saw this new strain Noshaq Kush come into Takoma Wellness Center dispensary, I first noticed the 13% CBG (along with 17% THC and 8% CBD) and realized this would be a good chance to try CBG. Stephanie Kahn, a staff member at Takoma Wellness Center said, “This is a very strong Indica!”.

SC Laboratories reports that CBG inhibits cancer and tumor cells from growing, stems the growth of bacteria, stimulates growth of bones and also reduces inflammation. CBG inhibits the uptake of GABA, a brain chemical responsible for the regulation of the reactions of neurons. Those who suffer from anxiety or muscle tension may enjoy relief when GABA is inhibited.


The flowers are tall, compact, and very dense, with only a slight stickiness. Noshaq Kush has pale green leaves with brownish-orange pistil hairs intertwined. Whitish-amber trichomes sparkle and glisten. I experienced an earthy, grassy bouquet, with a sweet spiciness that tingled the nose. Upon first inspection of the flowers, the Kush “skunk” smell was not overpowering, did make its presence felt. The mild lemongrass and sage aroma is very pleasant and soothing.


I sampled the fresh Noshaq Kush flowers in a waterpipe. The smoke being drawn in was mild but creamy and had a very earthy, distinct taste, with only a slight tinge of skunk. Exhaling left a moist, fruity taste in my mouth. The lingering smoke is surprisingly strong in “skunk” odor, so be sure to have the windows open or a fan going with this one. I also tasted a tinge of mint, pine, cherry and even cinnamon in the flavonoids that tickled the senses. My experience with Noshaq Kush has been pleasant all around. The “entourage effects”, or the combined effects, of the flavonoids, trichomes and cannabinoids are very powerful on the senses and nose and are a large part of the therapeutic properties of Noshaq Kush. The sensations eased my mind and relaxed my muscles.

Noshaq Kush from Washington DC Dispensary Takoma Wellness Center


Noshaq Kush is a heavy Indica that definitely lives up to it’s “Kush”, melting muscles and calmin the spirit within a few minutes of use. My head lightened and my headache eased, and a sense of overall wellbeing was felt. It eased the pain in my muscles and joints, and took my mind off the pain. I didn’t feel a need to take a second puff so quickly, as the rush and effects lasted for almost 15 minutes (a significant duration for my fibromyalgia symptom relief).

I felt the effects of Noshaq primarily in my head, around the crown chakra; which is surprising with an Indica. The powerful effects of this truly strong medicinal strain were profound. The relatively high CBG (13%) may have a lot to do with the strain’s effectiveness, for my anxiety was eased, and my spirit lifted. My mind relaxed along with my muscles. The body effect hit second. As predicted, the effect was pretty strong. “Couch lock” wasn’t far behind. I felt relaxation in and around my root chakra.

Noshaq Kush is definitely an Indica for night time only, for it causes severe drowsiness and deep relaxation. Noshaq also causes the “munchies” so make sure you have nuts and berries standing by. I would recommend this potent medicinal strain for heavy pain, severe insomnia, migraines, severe muscle spasms, anxiety and depression. Noshaq Kush is an awesome strain that is good for fibromyalgia and other diseases with muscle spasticity issues. I will definitely try this strain myself again for sure.