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TetraLabs, California & Washington

GoldCaps is a pharmaceutical-grade marijuana softgel that is ingested orally by swallowing the pill whole. TetraLabs, the manufacturer of GoldCaps, currently distributes the product through marijuana dispensaries in California and Washington state. A Patient Direct program was also launched recently, allowing California patients to have products delivered directly to their home via courier. A similar program is also in the works for Washington state.

OK, let’s be real. We all know what time it is. Prohibition is raging rampant despite platitudes from the White House. San Francisco Dispensaries as well as businesses throughout the country are being shuttered by pernicious IRS tax code interpretation and Federal strong-arm forfeiture threats. Medical marijuana patients are clamoring for safe access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products, and credible information which will protect them from potentially dangerous products sold in a unregulated marketplace. Sure, we know everybody means well, but as we learned in our interview with Bubble Man about bubble hash, purity is paramount when it comes to concentrates and many patients are asking themselves these days “is my medical marijuana safe?”

Enter TetraLabs (stage left) who creates essential oils (aka hash oil) from cannabis. Unlike many oil makers, TetraLabs’ unique process has a natural twist. With a familiar nod to purity, they choose not to process the cannabis with chemical solvents like the commonly used chemical butane. Instead, a proprietary all-natural 40-step process, which takes more than 3 weeks to complete, is executed, allowing TetraLabs to produce solvent-free medicines and also comply with California’s laws prohibiting ‘chemically synthesized’ drugs.

The pure THC medicine in GoldCaps is especially attractive to patients with suppressed immune systems who seek to avoid nasty impurities like toxins, molds, bacteria, parasites (or their eggs) and other contaminants. TetraLabs tests to be certain their medicine is pharmaceutical grade. With an advanced nod to purity, TetraLabs also keeps kief, hash, powdered marijuana, and hash oil out of its GoldCaps, giving the product its clear, golden color. In this case, less is more.

GoldCaps are particularly popular with doctors because every softgel provides a clinically precise 10mg, 25mg, 35mg or 50mg dosage. You can count on getting the same metered effect with every pill – a goal much more challenging to attain with other forms of medical cannabis.

Pure Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) plus THC isomers, combined with therapeutically effective CBD, Sesquiterpenes, trace Cannabinoids, glycerin and grape seed oil make up the medicine in GoldCaps. And, TetraLabs sells this same oil in a smokeable/vaporizable form under the product name PureGold.

GoldCaps makes sex better. There, I said it. Whip out a chart of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the human body and you’ll find plenty of red indicators in all the right areas for a night of THC + CBD + Terpenoids (up for a threesome?) fueled passion.

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GoldCaps are the future of marijuana. Run this one by your skeptical drug warrior neighbor. GoldCaps can serve as a natural 1:1 replacement for the FDA-approved prescription drug Marinol. Marinol (synthetic) is a brand name for Dronabinol, otherwise known as Delta 9 THC. Until now, patients taking Marinol did not have a natural alternative thanks to the “scheduling” of cannabis by the US Government. TetraLabs has stepped in to responsibly fill the void by supplying patients with a natural, safe alternative to Marinol. If I have access to all-natural GoldCaps, why would I choose a synthetic equivalent?

TetraLabs will now deliver GoldCaps, and all their other PureGold derived products, to medical marijuana patients via their new Patient Direct program. Yep, GoldCaps delivered right to your California home. Order by morning and a courier will deliver next day. And it’s free for orders over $80. GoldCaps come in doses of 10mg, 25mg, 35mg and 50mg softgels.

I’ve found my own personal sweet spot dose is 35mg to provide a full 10-12 hours of pain relief and general feelings of well being. I find that 50mg works very well for extra relief after a game of basketball or a jogging session. I sleep deeply, restfully, and with minimal aggravation from pain with this medicine.

Finally, medical cannabis patients may benefit from using GoldCaps topically. I punctured a GoldCaps softgel and rubbed the entire 25mg on my skin. I felt “well” but certainly not “high”. Patients may experience a reduction in pain and inflammation, among other benefits of topically applying the PureGold oil in the softgel without the “high” feeling most often associated with marijuana.

Overall, I’m impressed. GoldCaps are a pain relieving, anti-anxiety, sleep aid that makes my sex life better. And this must be safe medicine since we know no human being in the history of mankind has ever overdosed on marijuana, right?

Hmmm … is TetraLabs selling stock yet?

GoldCaps and its sister products are available via Patient Direct to California patients. California and Washington patients may also find GoldCaps, PureGold, GoldMist, GoldPens and other TetraLabs products in their local dispensaries.

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Lata Patel

I needed sleep & you were there. Thx for rec guys!

Mark Brouillet

Gold pen with cartridge is great. The medicine helps this cancer dude sleep well, especially when I am having a bad night of pain. Also the manufacturer will replace your pen if you bring it back to the dispensary you bought it from, if it breaks or does not work. Medicine is high quality and clean if you have a serious problem like cancer you can trust the Gold guys. Thank You from a head and neck cancer guy

Ty Palmer

Thanks for communicating your success, Mark! Cheers to your health!!

Jezreel Burke

I suffer from severe nerve and myofacial pain. I am very interested in trying your products. Please e-mail me and let me know what the best way to receive your product is.


Hi Jezreel. We hope you have great success with Tetra Labs products. Here is the best way to be in touch with them. Wishing you the best health!


Tetralabs is the best thing out there for me that works on inflammation and osteoarthritis, but so hard to find. Wish there was a mail-order set up for WA, would make life easier for a lot of patients. I use the pen refills and the x2 mist regularly

michael rosso

I would like to order Gold caps from Phoenix, Az. Is that possible?


read about these in 2012. some local test lab did an indie test and the thc was a lot lower than stated. the cbd was much, much lower than stated. not sure what the situation is now.

Ty Palmer

TKL, may we see a link to that article and/or test results?

Ty Palmer

Michael, Gold Caps will hopefully be available in Phoenix soon.


I bought the pen set so I could have meds while on vacation. The pen worked once! I was without meds for the entire time. I counted on the pen working, I spent over 3 hundred bucks on my order. I texted tetra labs and told them their product failed and I was without meds for 6 days. They wrote" we apologize". They offered no refund or replacement pen, not to mention the wasted meds in the pen. Think twice about having these products as your only source of relief.... It's a gamble.


I live in California and enrolled in Tetralabs' patient direct program 3 years ago. Their products are extraordinary. I found medicating with their GoldPen to be the best medication delivery system for me. I prefer vapor to ingestables. Whenever I had a problem with either the battery or a cartridge, Tetralabs was each time responsive to my emails and resolved my product issue as quick as the next day. These occurrences were rare as their products are beyond top shelf.


can this help neck and shoulder pain and possibly restless leg so i can sleep better.... Im coming to california in october.... san francisco---- what dispensary can I get this from?


I have neck and shoulder pain---- and restless leg syndrome. Can this help me? Where can I get some in san francisco?

    Ty Palmer

    Medical cannabis patients in California can access pain relieving GoldCaps at excellent dispensaries found here


Has anyone tried these products to alleviate crohn's disease symptoms? My husband is about to try gold caps 25 mg today for the first time and I am looking for some feed back. Thank you.

Pamela Mast

Please direct me to the closest place near Ventura ca to purchase gold caps


Best product out there! As a smoker I didn't think I would like the capsules but my pain was relieved and my mood was great for 12 hours... And I didn't get tired like with an edible. Will definitely be purchasing again!


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