Marijuana Strain OG Kush Melt from The Love Shack

OG Kush Melt

The Love Shack, San Francisco


There was no indication on the label (or menu) as to what pheno of OG this came from but it’s actually quite similar to the Fire OG melt also currently available, except with more lemon-fuel-sativa-euphoria!! As with many strains in existence, there’s not a lot of sound information available regarding the development of OG Kush, and that’s probably because it’s a very long, complex, & unfathomable tale. One common myth regarding OG Kush is that it has Chem Dawg in its lineage, but most experts (including Progressive Options who presides over one of the largest known collections of OG & Chem genotypes in existence) have stated with relative certainty that to the dismay of many, there’s probably no relation between the two strains at all. The reason they get interconnected so often in the mythical world of straineology has to do with the fact that both strains carry some of the same essential terpenes & other phenotypical characteristics. OG Kush is legendary for it’s unique lemon-skunk essence along with it’s remarkable ‘full-bodied euphoria’ … a true classic.


The Love Shack has always had a reputation for their stellar line-up of water-extracts. In an age where BHO has become all the rage it’s good to see dispensaries like The Love Shack ‘keeping it real’ by consistently offering high-quality natural concentrates. While their melts aren’t known for being being particularly melty, they are flavorful, powerful, & always a pleasure to medicate with. This OG melt has a beautiful silky clay texture & a mesmerizing lemon-varnish essence. I would estimate the melt purity at somewhere between 60%-70%. Snaps beautifully off a titanium screen or on a bed of flowers, instantly boiling into a simmering amber domes. Works equally well with hot-wands wands & a diffuser producing lung-expanding hits of lemon-funk vapor. You can dab this, and I did, but you’ll get a more efficient & more satisfying hit off a screen. Overall, a very clean, well-procured concentrate, extracted from some serious lemon-funk OG.


Quintessential lemon-varnish-pine OG funk to the max! The inhale is very expansive & skunky. On the exhale I can taste strong notes of pine, fuel, & charcoal. Using a hot-hit wand brings out the full spectrum of essential flavors. The vapor leaves a lemon-pine essence lingering on the palette.


Like all good OG, the effect of this extract is both soothing & euphoric. Starts off with a powerful wave of euphoria that elevate moods, melts stress, & relaxes muscles. The high radiates throughout the body with soothing waves of warmth & tranquility. After the initial wave a euphoria comes a cozy & fulfilling body-high ideal for easing muscle tension & discomfort. An ideal remedy for increasing appetite, relieving anxiety, & relaxing the body.


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