Marijuana Strain Purple OG Full Melt from Berkeley Patients Care Collective

Purple OG Full Melt

Berkeley Patients Care Collective, Berkeley


Excellent batch of Purple OG Full Melt water-extract from Berkeley Patients Care Collective. This one radiates with that unmistakable ‘ice-wax’ glow, a tell tale sign of ‘true’ full melt quality. Just one powerful lung-expanding snapper delivers a deep sinking body-high capable of relaxing muscles & unwinding stress. Incredibly soothing indica warmth, but with just a bit of skunky OG euphoria in the mix. The flavor is skunky & zesty, with notes of lemon & redwood on the exhale. Clear domes off the screen, puddles on the nail, & expansive clouds from the Trippy Stix. Overall one of the best water-extracts I’ve tried since the new year!!


One of the earliest OG hybrids I came across after moving out to Cali (8 years back) was Purple OG. In those days Purple Urkle was the all the rage, & OG was relatively unknown in Norcal (although it was huge in SoCal at the time). Purple OG features the exotic sugary essence & gorgeous lavender hues of original Erkle along with pungent lemon-fuel-funk of OG Kush. Both OG Kush & Urkle are powerful body-relaxers, making Purple OG as full-bodied as they come. Urkle is synonymous for its smooth & sedative effect, while OG is legendary for delivering a powerful buzzing body-high. Purple OG harmoniously blends these two Cali legends to form something truly unique & special.


This belongs on a BPCC trading card for sure!! The golden-amber trichomes are melded together into a single waxy nugget of sticky effervescent hashish. Its rock hard outer membrane has a beautiful ‘sheer amber glow’ similar to solvent oils. I was able to chip off little shards to dunk as if it were a shatter-wax. Inside the rock hard outer membrane is a clay-like ‘cookie dough’ texture that gives off a zesty aroma infused with lemons & freshly cut wood. Immediately boils down into brilliant transparent domes.

… true proper full melt; clear domes off the screen, puddles on the nail, & expansive clouds from my Trippy Stix …


So old school & funky!! This one expands deep into the lungs causing some major chest expansion. As soon as the vapor reached the pits of my lungs I felt an instantaneous wave of relief. The flavor has a skunky ‘OG’ essence with hints of lemon, redwood, & diesel fuel on the exhale. For best flavor use a Hakko soldering iron with a titanium screen … 100% lemon-varnish bliss!!

… the flavor has a skunky ‘OG’ essence with hints of lemon, redwood, & diesel fuel on the exhale …


Some highs pack a lot of ‘treble’ … others deliver more a of ‘mid-range’ vibe … this one has tons of ‘BASS’! Within seconds of exhaling the skunky vapor I could feel a soothing wave of indica warmth cover my entire body. Starts out with a sense of energy & euphoria, but quickly transitions into a more sedative experience. The high sinks deep into the muscles providing long-lasting therapeutic relief. This extract might be particularly suitable for patients seeking relief for movement disorders, joint inflammation, & muscle spasms.

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How do u Cure it properly where it has oils in it and isnt just a clay rock kinda shit. :( Mines like rocks and i wunt Oils. Help?!?!

    Eric Solomon

    Hello Benjamin, 90% of producing full-melt hash (as opposed to non-melt) is using fresh frozen material. The reason hash doesn't get melty is because the material it's made with doesn't contain enough volatile oils to melt. When you're material is fresh, frozen, and highly resinous, you will likely achieve full-melt hash. If your material is dry & mediocre, you will most likely produce a mediocre product that doesn't melt. :) ~eric


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