Marijuana Strain Shiva Crystals from BPCC

Shiva Crystals

Berkeley Patients Care Collective, Berkeley


Tried & true! This is my go-to concentrate for any time I need something with uncompromising indica strength! Shiva Crystals have a long standing reputation as one of the bay’s best natural concentrates much in part to their uncompromising consistency, purity, & therapeutic strength. Developed via water-extraction using a proprietary blend of over 23 unique indica dominant cultivars, this ‘full-melt’ concentrate delivers a long-lasting full-bodied effect capable of unwinding stress & liquifying muscles. Its granular consistency rapidly boils down to a simmering oil when vaporized leaving very little residual residue (the mark of an excellent water-extract). The rich blend of indica strains lends to its creamy ‘Afghani inspired’ flavor hinting on maple syrup, tree sap, & ripe fruit. After taking a couple snappers ever muscle in my body feels like it’s being massaged with heat stones. The complex indica make-up of this concentrate provides for a incredibly wide range of therapeutic uses. Particularly effective for muscle relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety, & appetite stimulation. Find more great Berkeley Dispensaries like Berkeley Patients Care Collective.


“Shiva Crystals are a proprietary hash-blend derived from over 23 different unique cannabis strains. Since this herbal medication’s cannabinoid profile is predominantly indica, it makes Shiva Crytals ideally suited for the relief of pain, anxiety, & insomnia…” More great marijuana strains here…

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I want to provide Shiva Crystals to patients at my dispensary. We had them previously at other locations. Please help thanks!


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