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Sour Diesel Solvent-Free

The Real, Los Angeles


Last weekend I had the pleasure of running a booth for Fresh Headies at the San Bernardino High Times Cannabis Cup. It was an epic experience (to say the least). I was fortunate enough to meet some of my heroes (including SubCool, DJ Short, & Mel Frank), while sampling some of the finest hashish in world; prepared by world-class extract artisans by the likes of Nikka T, BAMF, T. Beezle, & Full Flava Extracts. It was great to see such an outstanding turn-out for non-solvent extracts. I can sense a renaissance of all-natural hashish in the making, & leading the way are a new wave of extract artisans pushing the boundaries of trichome purity. Of all the stellar full-melt hashish I sampled at the Cannabis Cup, among of the most epic was this 73µ Sour Diesel prepared by Full Flava Extracts (available at The Real Collective in Los Angeles). Not only did it rank with all the Cup winners (including his own 3rd place Dairy Queen), but it stands out as one of the most brilliant Sour Diesel extracts I’ve ever had the pleasure of puffing on :)


Sour Diesel is among the most revered & highly coveted breeding lines in all of cannabis. Patients, connoisseurs, growers, & breeders alike have treasured Sour D for decades in part to its unique skunky flavor, soaring electric high, & remarkable therapeutic strength. The flavor, true to its name, packs strong notes of diesel fuel, along with tantilizing undertones of wood varnish & sour candy. There are several phenotypes of Sour Diesel in circulation; ranging from the dank-petrol-funk of East Coast Sour Diesel (and its proverbial mind-bending narcotic effect), to the sour-candy euphoria of West Coast Sour Diesel (with its 100% crisp electric energy). This extract has an East Coast essence, with an overwhelming gassy flavor & a powerful narcotic high to match … so skunky … so medicinal |^)


Three words sum this one up; pure … unadulterated … trichomes :) This water extract was prepared using some of the freshest, frostiest, Sour Diesel trim you could ever imagine. Fresh frozen plant material rich in volatile oils lends to a more flavorful & melty product. The hashish was collected from a 73 micron water-extraction bag, (a micron size synonymous for producing glorious full-melt hash). When water-extracts are prepared properly, they will retain all of the essential oils & cannabinoids that give herbs their unique therapeutic/euphoric properties. Straight from the jar, the extract perfuses the signature pungent funky-skunky redolence of Sour Diesel, with powerful notes of diesel fuel & pine rosin to the nose. Within minutes my entire house smelled like a truck stop lumber yard!! The hash is perfectly cured & finely granulated into micro-grains of blonde waxy trichomes, ideal for shoveling onto a titanium nail, or into a vape pen. Instantly puddles into a simmering oil on the nail, leaving virtually no residue behind. Truly immaculate quality … Find more great cannabis strains here…

… Fresh frozen plant material rich in volatile oils lends to a more flavorful & melty product …


Flaaavvaaa Flaaaavvv!!! True to its name, this extract retains the quintessential ‘petrol-skunky-funky’ essence that can only be genuine Sour Diesel. The inhale has a gassy menthol essence, with undertones of sweet pine rosin & sour candy coming through on the exhale. An aftertaste of ‘burning lumber & petrol fuel’ lingers on the palate for what seems like an eternity. I would drink it all day … if I could … NOMMMM!!! :)

… the inhale has a gassy menthol essence, with undertones of sweet pine rosin & sour candy coming through on the exhale …


Amazing herbs + proper extraction = epic medicinal strength!! Sour Diesel can deliver a wide-range of therapeutic/euphoric properties depending on the phenotype grown & the horticultural methods practiced. Growers who exercise patience can take select phenos of Sour Diesel past 65 days & achieve a heavier (more narcotic) effect, as opposed to the more crisp & energizing variations of Sour Diesel (more common on dispensary shelves). This one starts off with a wave of ‘radiating euphoric energy’ that rushes through the body & with brilliant spirit & warmth. The intense effect sinks deep into the muscles, providing a sense of soothing comfort from head to toe. As the high settles in, the cerebral qualities become more tranquil, while the body becomes more sedated. More than a couple dabs might require a trip to refrigerator & a power nap to regain focus. For years patients have treasured Sour Diesel for its ability to balance cerebral energy with medicinal strength. This one delivers a concentrated version of everything Sour Diesel is legendary for … buzzing electricity … inspiring euphoria … & outstanding therapeutic properties :) Find more great bubble hash at great San Francisco Dispensaries.

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jane smith

When you say non solvent sour diesel does that mean that it can not be turned into oil using a alcohol solvent


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