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There was a time when I had been somewhat of a skeptic about the legitimacy of topical cannabis treatments. I heard they worked really well, but needed to find out for myself to believe it. To my surprise, moments after my first topical cannabis application, aches and pains began to fade, taking all of my doubts along with them. Just like that, I became a firm believer and forever fan of Therapy in a Bottle’s topical cannabis treatments.

Whether or not you enjoy the side affects of medicinal cannabis, it isn’t always convenient to medicate. A huge benefit of topical cannabis applications is that they do not offer the psychoactive effect one would experience through inhalation or ingestion. This gives you the ability to relieve discomfort whenever and wherever you’d like, free of worry. Without the ‘high’ that accompanies many cannabis treatments, topical therapy stands out in a category of it’s own.

I found a number of uses for Therapy in a Bottle’s line of cannabis infused products. I primarily used the topical treatments to ease my back and neck pain. I also used them to soothe the tension of a healing hand injury. Heavy pains diminished, while the less noticeable ones simply disappeared. Discomfort was replaced with a warm shimmer of relief accompanied by soft, tranquilizing aromas.

Topical cannabis treatments in no way guarantee a medical miracle, but they can alleviate symptoms to a level that is tolerable versus unbearable. There is a laundry list of uses for topical cannabis therapy including (but not limited to): Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Migraines, Arthritis, Sciatica, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), Psoriasis, muscle aches and spasms, joint pain, cramps, inflammation, cuts, bruises, burns and dry skin.

Therapy in a Bottle Topical CannabisTherapy in a Bottle is a business that has been founded upon one woman’s will to overcome the physical pain she endured due to her chronic conditions and their affects on her body. She found herself dependent upon a large number of medications, and struggled with that dependency. Rebecca started her therapy line for people who, like herself, wanted to take back control in their lives. Therapy in a Bottle is a product of love, not profit. Think of your purchase as a contribution that assists Rebecca in her mission to provide therapeutic relief to patients just like her.

The cannabis that goes into Therapy in a Bottle’s infused coconut oil is of the highest quality, organically grown with pride and a touch of love. Rebecca only works with strains that will produce potent results for treating pain and discomfort when applied as a topical. She also uses all organic ingredients to add a light, natural scent as it softens the skin.

Rebecca developed her product line in 2010, starting with the Original Blend Therapeutic Massage Oil. In just a few years, she has expanded to Scented Balms, Medicated Bath Soaks and Cannabis Lotions. She even has a non-cannabis line in the works for those who would like to relax sans cannabis.

Therapy in a Bottle’s Original Blend Therapeutic Massage Oil has a higher concentration of cannabis to alleviate the discomfort of deeper and intense pain. When applied to the skin, an aroma of freshly cut lavender arises, adding something warm and calming to the senses as the topical affects settle in.

Heavy pains diminished, while the less noticeable ones simply disappeared. Discomfort was replaced with a warm shimmer of relief accompanied by soft, tranquilizing aromas.

With a thicker and creamier base, the Therapeutic Massage Balm rubs in with a soft and smooth touch. There are four scents, each graced with a hint of menthol to help soothe those aches and pains. Unscented offers a light cannabis fragrance, while Amber Musk has a more sweet and playful aroma. Tangerine-Vanilla is delightfully delicious, as is the therapeutic concoction of Grapefruit-Lavender. These balms are fantastically creamy, and do not leave any sticky or greasy residues behind. They even double as a lip balm and taste as great as they smell.

For those who prefer a full body experience, Rebecca has recently developed Therapy in a Bottle’s Medicated Bath Soaks. This line offers a therapeutic soak that relaxes and soothes the body from head to toe. Unwind from a busy day with the ‘Relaxation’ soak or refresh your mood with the ‘Invigorating’ soak, awakening your senses.

After a warm, medicated bath, slather your self in the soft silkiness of Cannabis Lotions. They provide moisture and relief, with an abundance of pain and inflammation reducing properties, never leaving any residues behind. These therapeutic lotions are ‘Relaxing’, ‘Soothing’ and ‘Invigorating’.

I really enjoy having Therapy in a Bottle on hand and discovering its seemingly endless uses. There are various products to choose from and plenty of convenient sizes, so each symptom can be treated with the appropriate topical. I found many ways to put cannabis to the test. My most surprising experiment was with a mosquito bite on my eyelid that I had acquired in my sleep. I awoke with a swollen eye, fully blown up and puffy. Since I always have my Grapefruit-Lavender stick balm on hand for my lips, I quickly applied it to the bite. The itching ceased almost immediately and the swelling had gone down significantly within the hour.

Therapy in a Bottle Topical Cannabis

I find myself reaching for Therapy in a Bottle to treat every bump, bruise, strain, nick and bite. With the variety of uses for these topical treatments, I don’t think there is one person out there who wouldn’t benefit from an application to their skin somewhere for something at sometime. Seriously. Treat yourself to a little bit of Therapy in a Bottle.

Be sure to visit Rebecca at Therapy In A Bottle & Epsilon Apothecaries‘ booth at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo in San Francisco on September 7th, 2013. Rebecca will be serving complimentary ice tea while providing therapy consultations. Custom tinctures will be available to add to tea and a certified massage technician will give massages with Therapy in a Bottle’s topical cannabis products. We’ll see you at INTCHE!


Pamela Delgado

Hi my name is Pamela Delgado and I was given information about you from my physical therapy and I was interested in finding some more information about your therapy oil my husband Felix has prostate cancer and he's dealing with a lot of chronic pain so I was wondering if you can please respond back to me for more information in regards to your therapy in a bottle at 916-472-8918 or my email address thank you very much Rebecca

Rebecca Holley

Hello Pamela, I am sorry to hear of your husbands health. I am more than happy to do what I can to help. I will give you a call today. You can also always reach me via email or the contact form at Chat soon! Rebecca


I would like to order therapy in a bottle the unscented that offers a light cannabis fragrance. I think it's in stick form that makes it very easy to use anywhere. Does your product have the feeling of warm and cold? I don't like that feeling it causes my nerve pain in my leg to get to sensitive. Maybe the original blend with a higher concentration of cannabis the warm feeling won't bother my leg as much. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


I would like to order the unscented that offers a light cannabis fragrance. Making it in stick form makes it very easy to use anywhere. It maybe the original blend with a higher concentration of cannabis the warm feeling won't bother me. I have severe nerve damage in my leg and these rubs makes the nerve pain calm down so standing all day does not bother me as much. I usually reapply at lunch time. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Therapy in a Bottle

Hello Connie, Thank you for your interest in our products. Since this review was written, our formulas have changed slightly. The cannabis salve we have available does not have a warming feeling, but does contain menthol crystals which will feel like a cooling sensation. The cannabis salve can be found at the statewide delivery, Heavens 2 Betsey. Their website is I am more than happy to do a free consultation with you and actually make a special formula with absolutely no heating or cooling effect to better suit your needs if that interests you. You can reach me at 916-587-1487 or Kind regards, Rebecca

Carol Hilton

Hi Rebecca I talked to you at the Farmers Market in Woodland on last Sat. You mentioned a form I could get and have signed by my doctor to get some of your lotion. My number is 530 m662 3485 or you can email the name of the form. I should have written it down but have now forgotten the wording. Thankyou


Hi Rebecca, Heavens to Betsey does not seem to be in business any longer, or their website has been taken down. Are your products available anywhere else? I'm in Northern California. Thanks!


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