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I smoke marijuana several times a day almost every day to help me with ADD and depression, and after years of working out of my home, I recently took a job with a company in an office where I would not have the flexibility to smoke on the job. I work in a very conservative industry and my company has a particularly rigid culture that looks down on anything that strays from the norm. In other words, they’d fire me on the spot, if they smelled pot on me or knew I used it. And I smoke really good pot – the stuff that smells the most. So puffing on the job is out.

I was chatting with a friend about my new gig and questioning how I would medicate during the work week. She suggested I try edibles, but I don’t like the feeling they give me, find them unpredictable and dislike how long it takes to feel the initial effects. Then she suggested tinctures, but I’ve had similar problems with those too. Then she asked if I had tried GoldMist by TetraLabs.

GoldMist advertisementI had never tried a TetraLabs product, but I had spotted them in several Los Angeles dispensaries and had also seen ads in industry magazines. Their claim of “pharmaceutical-grade” products always intrigued me and I was impressed by the professionalism of their packaging, but that could have just been marketing mumbo-jumbo. It didn’t mean their products were any good.

But as I researched TetraLabs further, I discovered it wasn’t mumbo-jumbo after all. These guys had discovered a chemical-free refinement process that produced a level of purity not available in other concentrates found in dispensaries.

Where most concentrates are chemically extracted, Tetralabs uses heat, pressure and other physical methods to refine their products. While most concentrates contain many other materials in addition to cannabinoids, TetraLabs isolates and removes these undesirable compounds, one by one, until they are left with a formula containing over 95% cannabinoids and just a couple other beneficial trace elements. Try vaping TetraLab’s PureGold product and you’ll find it leaves zero residue. Whereas charred residue remains after vaping other concentrates as they still contain contaminants which TetraLabs has removed. It takes TetraLabs over forty steps and three weeks to complete the refinement process which is followed by third-party testing to ensure purity.

GoldMist is a sublingual cannabis spray, meaning that you medicate by applying it under your tongue where it absorbs into your bloodstream.

The GoldMist spray-top atomizer pulls from a 2.5mg reservoir that is built into the bottle, ensuring that you get the exact same sized dose with each spray. When you push down on the atomizer to spray under your tongue, the reservoir is emptied, and then when you release the atomizer, the reservoir fills again, so it’s always ready for your next dose.

GoldMistThe bottle holds 3.5ml of GoldMist liquid and TetraLabs claims you get 80 sprays per bottle although my experience has been this number is closer 60. With regular use, one bottle lasts me about a week and costs $40 at most dispensaries.

TetraLabs adds the food-grade alcohol Everclear to GoldMist to improve absorption into the bloodstream as well as some peppermint oil for flavor. This formula gives it a strong, but pleasant cinnamon flavor when you spray it under your tongue with virtually no taste of cannabis. This delighted me as it alleviated any concerns that my work colleagues would smell pot on my breath.

While not everyone I spoke to has this reaction, I found the spray stung the underside of my tongue for about 30 seconds after applying, but then this sensation subsided and I just felt a little numb in the area for awhile thereafter. This brief stinging sensation was uncomfortable, but nothing like a big cough after smoking flowers. And the discomfort lessened when I applied fewer sprays.

You start feeling the effects of GoldMist within a few minutes of applying it under your tongue, so it’s a very fast acting medicine. You have a good feeling for the potency of the dose within about 5-10 minutes with the peak coming after about an hour and then effects lasting another 1-2 hours.

GoldMist gave me the same feeling of wellbeing and calmness that smoking cannabis gives me, but with virtually none of dissociative effects. GoldMist took the edge off and allowed me to focus intensely on my work, but it never interfered with my concentration or made my work any more challenging – which can be an issue when I smoke too many flowers.

TetraLabs GoldMist atomizer reservoirSo, while I originally tried the medicine because I needed a discrete way to medicate at work, I also found the GoldMist to be a far better medicine to use during day because it allowed me to be more clear-headed and alert while still benefitting from an overall feeling of wellbeing and laser focus that I get from cannabis.

It did take a few trials to find my perfect GoldMist dosage, which ended up being four sprays. With less than four sprays, I did not get an effect that fully satisfied me and I was left wanting more. And with more than four sprays, I began to feel tired which was not ideal for me at work, but could be beneficial for patients seeking a sleep aid.

Overall, GoldMist has been the perfect workday medication for me. I get all the benefits of cannabis without the dissociative effects that can interfere with my work. Is it the same as smoking flowers? No. And I still do enjoy smoking flowers at night or on the weekend, but it’s an ideal option for me and fellow patients that need to medicate 100% discretely and/or are seeking a medicine that allows them to be fully functional and clear headed. It’s also an option worthy of consideration by seriously ill patients that need accurate dosage and a level of purity that will not threaten the immune system

GoldMist is distributed through medical cannabis dispensaries in California and Washington. TetraLabs has also launched a Patient Direct Ordering program that will deliver their products to your home, if you reside in California (and a similar program is in the works for Washington).


Bev Graves

Hi! I received a spray bottle for my birthday. Where can I order it please? Thank you.

    Ty Palmer delivers to California medical cannabis patients. Residents of others states may check for availability.


When is new Jersey going too step up with the technology I wish some other states would teach them about different ways too medicate they need it


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