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“What is a Trokie?” is a loaded question ending with a sparkling mouth full of minty fresh breath. Delivering countless benefits, the Trokie – also spelled as troche – is safe, reliable, discrete, and convenient. It allows the everyday citizen to easily medicate in public without anyone being the wiser. Designed with great care by a Doctor of Pharmacology, the Trokie offers optimal absorption of cannabinoids without the heavy or disorienting side effects that may inhibit abilities to fully function during day-to-day activities. Have to take that unexpected business-call? No problem.

Trokie Medical Cannabis Edible

The Latin word Troche (Troh-kee) is defined as ‘little wheel’ or ‘delivery’, and has been used as a form of medicine since the 1950’s. While oral dosing methods known as buccal (between the cheek and gum) or sublingual (under the tongue) are both traditionally effective for medical cannabis patients, buccal dosing is the preferred method of delivery for the Trokie. By diffusing medicine directly into the bloodstream through oral tissues, these methods of absorption bypass a degrading path through the digestive system. Buccal placement allows the Trokie to dissolve with minimized saliva production while enhancing the amount of medicine traveling directly to the bloodstream. Referred to as the First Pass Effect, we like to think of this process as a shortcut through the body maze, reserving potency for the real task at hand. Afterall, who doesn’t want more for their money?

Putting patients first and foremost in medicine, the Trokie is a health conscious product from start to finish. Trokie extracts are created from the finest, sun grown California cannabis, free of growth enhancers and pesticides. Independent laboratory tests are run on every batch of the Trokie, assuring they are free of solvents and toxins. The Trokie doesn’t contain any calories, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and is also gluten free. Trokie scientists have kept all sorts of dietary restrictions in mind, making their product available to as many patients as possible. The Trokie offers a clear and energetic experience, without the racy anxiety that can accompany an alert headspace. Light and uplifting, the high elevates mood levels with a calm and relaxing undertone that is quite soothing.

…the Trokie is safe, reliable, discrete, and convenient. It allows the everyday citizen to easily medicate in public without anyone being the wiser.

Though tolerances vary, many patients find one quarter of a Trokie to be an adequate dose of medicine to fulfill their needs, whereas half of a Trokie can be more than enough. When taken correctly the Trokie consistently delivers medicinal cannabis in reliable doses, allowing patients to choose exactly what effect they are seeking each and every time. The Trokie cannabis extract is decarboxylated at the perfect temperature and pressure, improving the levels of THC bioavailability while retaining the plants terpenes and flavonoids. Wait…Decarboxy-what?!

Decarboxylation: a word representing a concept that sounds bigger and much more intimidating than it truly is. In its raw state, cannabis offers a high percentage of the cannabinoid THCA. This is an extremely beneficial cannabinoid that operates without the psychoactive effects many patients are accustomed to experiencing when medicating with cannabis. So how does THCA become psychoactive THC? When carboxylic acid (CO2) is released from THCA through heat and pressure, the resulting compound is THC.

Science Behind the Trokie Medical Cannabis Edible

Have you ever found yourself immediately attracted to the bouquet or flavor of a specific cannabis strain? That pleasing aromatherapy experience was brought to you by terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds are more than a pleasant olfactory treat; they too are a form of medicine, important to retain during decarboxylation. The retention of terpenes and flavonoids helps to improve the effectiveness of the cannabinoids while offering additional health benefits such as lowering inflammation, acting as an analgesic and muscle relaxant, and improving immune function. The next time you find yourself drawn to a specific strain, consider the possibility that you may be attracted to a compound or set of compounds that uniquely benefit you in some way. Why would you want medicine that has been stripped of all the extra goods?

Cannabis contains nearly 500 natural components, and 66 of them have been classified as cannabinoids. Have you ever wondered what the relationship between these compounds might be and how they vary from strain to strain? In 1963, Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam was the first to determine the structure of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, continuing on to be the first to isolate the psychoactive cannabinoid THC from cannabis the following year. Dedicated to his life’s work with cannabis research, Raphael Mechoulam recognized the beneficial relationships between cannabis compounds working together. In 1999 he defined the phenomena as the entourage effect, which encompasses the idea that multiple compounds synergistically partner with one another to assist the human body and its needs. Said simply, synergy.
The Trokie delivers a medicinal burst of this synergistic relationship in every dose. Now that you understand how and why the Trokie is unique, get out there and try one for yourself! Trokie by Edible Ideas.

Trokie from San Francisco Bay Area Company Edible Ideas


Chris Sobe Burke

This is the product of masterful Buddha passion. It's Lance Armstrong's FRS, only real, intriguing, and what we -- and by "we" I mean those of us whose hearts beat to the rhythm of a meaningful and vivid pursuit of feeling -- desire. Please, Virginia, wake up and relax to the notion of a chill vibe state so that these sorts of goodies can be loved to the fullest.

Ty Palmer

Coming out to our friends and family about our cannabis use may be the most powerful political action we can take. Chances are, your friends and neighbors don't think you deserve to be arrested. Stay safe, but walk tall. We look forward to welcoming our friends in Virginia and beyond into the above-ground cannabis community. Sharing innovative cannabis products makes our day. Cheers, Chris! Thanks for your comment!

Tops Cannabis Delivery

We are a delivery service and our patients absolutely love these. The dosage is consistent, potent and very fast acting. It's a great product in a booming field. I am glad we can carry them :D

Ty Palmer

We enjoy hearing how well Trokies are performing for patients in the real world. Thanks for the comment!

Maxine silverman

These look like exactly what I need. Where do I some? I'm in Orange County, Anaheim area.

Ty Palmer

Hi Maxine. In Southern California, you may find Trokies at the following locations (for now, as word is spreading fast): VHB - Culver City SFV - Burbank Kush, or SWSV which are both in the Valley. Let us know how things go for you. Thanks for your question.


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sam nicotero

I am old and have a fewillnesses..trokie is helping me.

Karl P

I live in Puyallup, WA. Where can I get Trokie?


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