All Star Jack Frost from Berkeley Patients Group, Berkeley

All Star Jack Frost

Berkeley Patients Group, Berkeley


The ‘All Star’ lineup of lamp-grown flowers from Berkeley Patients Group is legendary for its superlative quality. In fact, if it’s prefixed with All-Star, and it’s from BPG, you can bet it’s something pretty spectacular. This batch of All Star Jack Frost strain (Jack Herer x White Widow x Northern Lights #5) lives up to the ‘All Star’ standard standing as one of BPG’s all-time greats. The flavor is absolutely gourmet; spicy-alpine-forrest on the inhale (pinene) … mint & sage on the exhale with hints of perfume & raw vegetables. The effect starts off crisp, energizing, & motivational. After a few bowls the more ‘hazy’ characteristics take effect; very spacey & joyful. Ideal medicine for elevating mood or getting lost on a creative endeavor |^)

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This is from the Haze of olé. Magnificent.


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