Marijuana Strain Banana Kush from Amsterdam's Garden, San Jose

Banana Kush

Amsterdam’s Garden, San Jose


Banana Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that has been developing a solid reputation over the past several years. A cross of the iconic and revered OG Kush and a Sagarmatha Seeds strain sometimes referred to as “Banana” and sometimes simply as “60/40,” Banana Kush is becoming increasingly popular for its appealing flavor and aroma and its remarkable potency. It recently placed third in the best indica category at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado, and back in 2011 it won first place for best indica as well as third place for best hybrid at the Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver.

This sample was procured from Amsterdam’s Garden, one of many excellent San Jose dispensaries. Banana Kush from Amsterdam’s Garden supposedly tests at an astounding 27.14% THC.


This Banana Kush sample consisted of small, fluffy, pale green buds, not particularly sticky, with lots of orange hairs and a very thick and thorough coating of frosty white trichomes. The aroma is assertive, but not skunky or penetrating. There’s a pleasantly zingy sweetness with a distinct layer of diesel fuel. There is, perhaps, a slight hint of banana amidst more noticeable floral and herbal notes. These flowers have an earthy and spicy scent, especially once ground up, but lack the pungent citrus and pine that typically characterizes OG Kush.

Even longtime cannabis patients with high tolerances are apt to be taken by surprise by Banana Kush’s potency. A single puff is enough to bring on deep physical relaxation along with a heady rush.


Banana Kush has a mellow, musky flavor that is not overly sweet. There is some discernible banana and melon fruitiness, but when smoked, the fruit flavors are overshadowed by a hashy and slightly harsh spiciness. Vaporizing, however, brings out a softer and more pleasant flavor, with the sweet banana taste much more apparent and the spice becoming milder and more subtle. The smoke (or vapor) is smooth, light, and tasty, momentarily luring you into a false expectation that the effect will be similarly mild.

Banana Kush from San Jose Dispensary Amsterdam's Garden


Banana Kush‘s effect hits fast and hard with an intense combination of heavy indica pain relief and speedy sativa cerebral stimulation. Even longtime cannabis patients with high tolerances are apt to be taken by surprise by Banana Kush‘s potency. A single puff is enough to bring on deep physical relaxation along with a heady rush. The sedative body stone instantly alleviates muscle aches and tension. Meanwhile, the mental effect is more complex, as it is both inspiring and stupefying, prompting feelings of euphoria and creativity as well as a dull grogginess. Anxiety and depression dissipate, but so do focus and motivation, and response time is dramatically delayed, making Banana Kush a dangerous choice if you have any pressing tasks to complete in the near future. If, on the other hand, you have the freedom to unwind for a few hours, painless and carefree, enjoying an interesting but potentially nonfunctional daze, Banana Kush is certain to satisfy.



That's what I need how do I get it here in the middle of nowhere


    For now perhaps the best we can offer is support for political change. One of the most powerful things one can do is "come out" as a cannabis user to family and friends. Chances are, they won't recommend jail for their cannabis using friend. Change happens slowly, Mae, but it is happening! Cheers!


wow..i have the master strain from seed two years old..sure to be more pure than todays. mixes


We need kush tht ok


It was not a reversed Og. I took a male I found in the 1000 beans I won on the auction. And crossed it to the Og kush.

Caitlin Podiak

Hi, Orgnkid! Thanks for sharing some insider info. I was describing OG Kush as "revered," not "reversed," but can you tell us anything else about the auction seeds? We'd love to know more!


Is this strain available anywhere in amsterdam? For smoking or growing as seeds..i like to try this genetic


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