Marijuana Strain Blueberry OG from CRAFT Collective, San Francisco Bay Area

Blueberry OG

CRAFT Collective, San Francisco Bay Area


It would be logical to assume that Blueberry OG is synonymous with the Blueberry and OG Kush hybrid commonly known as Blueberry Kush. But according to Bay Area delivery service CRAFT Collective, their Blueberry OG came from an old friend in Mendocino County, who crossed Skunk with Blueberry to create this hybrid, which “grows like an indica and is quite vigorous.”

CRAFT’s Blueberry OG is organically grown and Clean Green certified. It has been tested by SC Labs and contains an impressive 24.5% THC.


These flowers are a muted shade of pale green and are fairly dense, with rust-colored hairs and a thick coating of trichomes in shades of ivory and cream.

The aroma is tart and tangy, with strong notes of sweet floral perfume, zesty pine, and overripe fruit. It’s earthy and herbal and mildly musky with a hint of mint. These layers of appealing scents blend nicely to produce a richly enticing fragrance. (Despite Blueberry OG’s reported Skunk lineage, there is no discernible skunk smell.)

Blueberry OG swiftly envelops you in pillowy comfort…a pleasantly fuzzy, slightly heavy head high sweeps away any trace of anxiety and induces a sudden sense of emotionally soothing calm and contentment.


This Blueberry OG has a pleasant flavor that is mild and smooth. It’s slightly sweet yet also a bit savory, with a dusty, toasted quality. There is a lighter, more subdued reflection of the tangy tartness in the aroma, along with a distinct floral taste tinged with pine and earthy, herbal, smoky undertones. Finally, a touch of blueberry emerges in the exhalation and aftertaste.


After a brief moment of hesitation, Blueberry OG swiftly envelops you in pillowy comfort. The effect is gentle but unmistakably powerful, with an overall softening sensation. A pleasantly fuzzy, slightly heavy head high sweeps away any trace of anxiety and induces a sudden sense of emotionally soothing calm and contentment. It’s deliciously mellow, yet also distinctly clear and lucid, inspiring a present, mindful, and meditative state of consciousness. There is also a satisfyingly relaxing body stone that is moderately effective at relieving pain and nausea, but it is comparatively subtle relative to the more pronounced cerebral effect. The physical effect is numbing and somewhat inclined toward laziness, but not particularly sedative.

In very small doses, Blueberry OG is beautifully suited to daytime relaxation and mood enhancement without impairing functionality. It is, however, extremely potent, so exceeding a few small puffs over the course of several hours may produce a cheery but surprisingly incapacitating fog of complacence, although it never becomes overwhelming or uncomfortably intense.

Blueberry OG from San Francisco Bay Area Dispensary CRAFT Collective


Tino White

Thanks for this review. I've always been interested in this strain and now I wanna try it even more.


Great strain had me very relaxed and pain free for about 4-5 hoursd after consumpton of 1joint and a small bowl Nice head great physical and mental buzz. Nice flower


Like it says...good for an anxiety free relaxation. Pretty good herb.


Very great strain.., It has me so nice and mellow!!!


This is one of the best written strain reviews I've ever read. Nice work.


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