Chem 4 from Canna Culture Collective

Chem 4

Canna Culture Collective, San Jose


Chem 4 was dubbed by Joebrand (the guy responsible for Chemdawg) as the ‘reunion pheno’ for it’s authenticity, reminiscent of the original ‘dogweed’ from Crested Butte (the stuff that spawned what we know today as Chemdawg). This batch of Chem 4 from Canna Culture Collective in San Jose represents what good Chem is all about … vintage skunky-funky flavor, smooth euphoric high, & powerful therapeutic strength. Beautiful chunky-chem-buds with brilliant thick/long orange pistils which look like amber-cheesedoodle-dreadlocks under the macro lens. The nose has the signature chem-funk with notes of citrus & perfume; crack into the nug & out comes the full chem-fuel-lemon-cleaner essence. The smoke is expansive, skunky, & sappy, leaving the throat & sinuses buzzing with euphoria. As with many chem’s, serious, serious, lung expansion. The exhale has a lingering sour-apple after taste. The intense fast-paced effect is immediate upon exhale. Soaring high along with calming euphoria throughout the body. :)

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Ty Truong-Jones

Wasn't impressed. Very lax, sticky-icky, still have some but I know there's better strains out there.


Ty, With all due respect brother, you probably did not acquire the real deal, or are not an aficionado. Hopefully, the former. This strain is in the top five of cannibus of all time, according to high times, with which I agree. Time to roll....


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