Marijuana Strain Cherry Pie Kush from CRAFT Collective, San Francisco Bay Area

Cherry Pie Kush

CRAFT Collective, Berkeley


Get those business socks on baby; it’s Business Time. Credited to its potent lineage, Cherry Pie Kush (OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple x Durban Poison) is of the Executive level. Its home office is CRAFT Collective, a marijuana delivery service that specializes in providing the Bay Area with organic, Clean Green Certified medicine. An imaginary genetic pie chart demonstrates that each of the three parental strains appears to take up an equal third of the chart. Natural born power players, Cherry Pie Kush’s genetic sources vigorously compete with one another to obtain the largest slice of this pie. Cherry Pie Kush and more great cannabis strains available at these great Berkeley Dispensaries.


The parental pie fight is in full force and olfactory senses are in the middle getting hit from every direction. Buttery shortbread slabs laden with candied, diesel-soaked lemon rinds and anise dominate the initial bouquet. Spiced organic cherry compote oozes across the buttered citrus, stretching its way towards a garnish of champagne grapes, lightly dusted with sweet cumin. The Cherry Pie Kush flower resembles stacked cherry bombs; double dipped in a powdery, lemon sugar cream that sweetly sparkles. Hues of lime and minty green with an occasional twist of deep lavender peek out from under the wet, furry trichomes. Fuzzy pistils the shade of warm browned piecrust, delicately cradle the flower the way a lattice pie top embraces its precious filling.

The Cherry Pie Kush flower resembles stacked cherry bombs; double dipped in a powdery, lemon sugar cream that sweetly sparkles.


A pungent, lemon anise sorbet melts on the tongue through a dry hit. Sweet and sour cherry momentarily surfaces in the back of the throat before it quickly dissipates. Burning the Cherry Pie Kush produces a smooth, whipped creamy anise smoke. Hints of plump, juicy cherries and an undertone of velvety, mentholated pine float about in the creaminess. Upon exhale, the fiery flavor of cherries jubilee flickers from the taste buds. A fruity pine-sol finish swoops in to wipe down all that cream coating, leaving the mouth sparkly fresh.

Cherry Pie Kush from San Francisco Bay Area Marijuana Delivery CRAFT Collective


Cherry Pie Kush doesn’t waste any time processing itself into your system. There was already a significant open clearing of my mental state by the time I had finished exhaling my first toke. Each additional hit continued to multiply the radiant and energetic, happy-awesome-time feeling I was experiencing. The effects were wonderfully stimulating. I was too giddy to sit still and focus, all I wanted to do was playfully frolic. My body felt light and pleasant with a soft, buzzing warmth. The high was clean and relaxed, devoid of any caffeinated, jittery nervousness. This is the kind of pie you want to have for breakfast. I wouldn’t recommend it for dessert unless you have a late night. Cherry Pie Kush is a delightfully sticky treat. Bake at 420ยบ and enjoy. Bay Area C.R.A.F.T.



hey man i think you went a little over the top in the review by saying it was dipped in powder and all this BS lol i am sure it was some good smoke though.


I thought this was a great review and was not over the top at all. This review made me feel as if I was enjoying this flower my self!


a friend of mine got some bud from someone, they said it is cherry pie kush, in a 1/8 i found one very beautiful dark frown seed with 3 black strips on it, i am now growing it, it is 5 weeks in flowering and it is the most stickiest and nicely formed buds on


This is Spot on. I can't possibly describe how good this weed is but the article comes close.

Danny Bang

I just got to experience this strain, she is a very remarkable lady, but I do gotta say, you are going rather over the top... Got a question though, why was the dominant flavor's pine and lemon and not cherry.... Why don't you call it lemon meringue pie with a cherry twist.... But the high is right on dot.... Always remember don't sell it, it's already sold


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