Marijuana Strain Classic Amsterdam from CBCB

Classic Amsterdam

CBCB, Berkeley


While the exact lineage of Classic Amsterdam is unknown, judging by its phenotypical characteristics I can sense a strong presence of the Skunk x NL x Haze breeding line. It carries that signature ‘exotic-peppery-menthol’ essence common among some of the popular Skunk x Haze hybrids developed in Amsterdam during the early 90’s. The herb is sativa dominant, with a haze-oriented structure, & brilliant orange pistols suggestive of its heavy skunk influence. Its unique menthol essence reminds me of old school Mexicana herb :) Love CBCB? Check out more great marijuana strains at these Berkeley Dispensaries.


Very exotic & skunky!! … The fluffy sativa buds have a hazy structure, with long abstract calyxes & bright orange-skunk pistols. Fresh from the jar, the bouquet carries an earthy aroma hinting orange rind, black pepper, & cream soda. Breaking down the buds releases its exotic haziness, with notes of menthol-pine & diesel fuel to the nose. Burns to perfection, producing a clean grey ash & a smooth skunky exhale.


The vapor is light & peppery, with a slight tinge of orange rind & menthol cleaner on the exhale. Very much reminiscent of California’s old school skunk lines including Cali-O, Goo, & Salmon Creek. Coughing on the exhale will deliver a powerful buzzing high clear through the sinuses… so cough on the exhale!!


Nothing but positive vibes & uplifting energy!! The effect is subtle & graceful, yet simultaneously, powerful & fulfilling as well. After just a couple hits of vapor my body was swept up by a graceful uplifting effect. The cerebral high starts off focused & alert providing a mellow (yet fulfilling) sense of euphoria. More than a few bowls brings out the more hazy psychoactive qualities of the cultivar, perfect for getting lost in a project. This might be a ideal remedy for patients with digestive conditions looking to ease nausea.


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