Classic Bubba Kush from Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley

Classic Bubba Kush

CBCB, Berkeley


Another masterpiece from CBCB‘s ‘Classic’ lineup of lamp-grown flowers!! Rarely will you find such an immaculate example of real deal Bubba Kush. It’s hard to find a legitimate cut & even harder to find someone who knows how to grow it. This one has all the tangibles that set Bubba Kush apart from the rest; gourmet ‘breakfast’ flavor, soothing body-high, & focused cerebral energy.  Find more great cannabis at a top-notch Berkeley Dispensary like CBCB.


This California classic was developed when Bubba’s Northern Lights (aka Bubba) was accidentally pollinated by his old school Cali kush. It’s one of the last living relics that genuinely encapsulates the special qualities of the original Cali Kush lines popular throughout the 90’s (which are now extinct). Bubba Kush is synonymous for its squat structure, pudgy three-finger leaves, & dismal yields. Its upside is in its harvest … gourmet kush flavor along with a profoundly relaxing effect that will really sit you back.


Absolutely brilliant!! I haven’t seen a Bubba grown to such perfection since back in the day. The buds have a unique squat & robust structure (like a dwarf Christmas tree). The buds are very indica oriented while the ‘open-ended’ calyxes show traces of Bubba’s sativa ancestry. I was truly entranced by the smooth earthy essence of the bouquet with notes of gourmet coffee, lemon bars, & pine rosin. Upon cracking open the perfectly cured cola bud, out poured the full redolence of classic Bubba Kush … 100% lemon-espresso-fuel awesomeness :)


If you want a taste of what rappers were hyping in the 90’s this is about as close as you’ll get!! The vapor is smooth & earthy with notes of whipped butter, cappuccino, & topsoil on the exhale. A delicious ‘breakfast inspired’ aftertaste of ‘coffee & buttery croissants’ lingers on the palette. There’s nothing quite like the gourmet flavor of authentic Bubba Kush!!


This one puts me in ‘the zone’! Although Bubba Kush is typically noted for its relaxing body-high I’ve always been more enamored by its awesome cerebral qualities. Immediately after taking a couple expansive hits I felt a profound sense of focused tranquil energy. The effect is perfect for getting lost in a book, doing some critical thinking, or taking on a creative endeavor. After 30 or so minutes of focused cerebral energy the effect starts to become increasingly tranquil. Taking more than a few hits brings out Bubba’s powerful indica backbone. For years patients have hailed Bubba Kush as an effective muscle relaxer, appetite stimulant, & stress reliever. A true medicinal powerhouse with remarkable therapeutic range.


Mark M.

I think girl scout cookies has bubba kush In the strain I


awesome strain for anxiety and insomnia, i LOVE this strain, can't get enough. I find other strains like OG kush too powerful for my liking and this is just right!!! Watch out for ravenous munchies and couchlock. A+++++ in my books. peace


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