Marijuana Strain Classic Purps from CBCB, Berkeley

Classic Purps

CBCB, Berkeley


Oh sweet grapes!! This Classic Purps from CBCB in Berkeley is a superlative example of properly grown Purple Urkle. It has all the signature characteristics of original Urkle, including (but not limited to); gorgeous lavender hues, gourmet cherry/melon bubblegum flavor, & an outstanding indica-oriented therapeutic effect. Anyone interested in experiencing the sugary bliss & cozy warmth of authentic Nor Cal Purple Urkle, this is about as good as they come :) Enjoy excellent marijuana strains from Berkeley Dispensaries.


Purple Urkle is a true treasure of the Emerald triangle. It was developed in the late 80’s after years of inbreeding landrace Afghani plants in the Trinity alps. The high altitude & cold autumns of the alps helped produce Urkle’s gorgeous purple hues & one-of-a-kind bouquet. Urkle moms have served as the cornerstone of many breeding projects throughout the last 20 years, producing marvelous offshoots such as Lavender, Grape Ape, Grand Daddy Purple, God’s Gift, Dawg’s Waltz, & many more. In the garden, Urkle is notably short & squat, perfect for clustering in sea-of-green setups.


There’s nothing quite like Purple Urkle flowers. The marvelous buds are dense & uniform (think dwarf Christmas trees), with beautiful streaks of lavender running through the foliage. Fresh from the jar the buds have a unique fruity essence with notes of sugary cherry candy & burning fuel. Breaking down the buds releases a unique skunky-menthol aroma with undertones of lavender & apricot.

… Purple Urkle has been treasured for decades in part to its unique lavender-bubblegum exhale & body-warming effect :)


100% classic Nor Cal Urkle flavor, with notes of cappuccino, sugary pastries, & grape bubblegum on the exhale. Props to the grower for bringing out the full terpene spectrum. The lingering aftertaste has a refreshing skunky-lavender essence. Such a pleasure to puff on … the flavor is truly as mesmerizing as the medicinal effects.

… there’s nothing quite like the signature grape-candy exhale of properly grown Purple Urkle …


Urkle has been coveted by patients for decades much in part to its profoundly therapeutic indica -oriented effect. The effect sinks deep into the body, providing a feeling of incredible warmth & comfort, head-to-toe. Along with the cozy body-high comes a sense of ‘slow-paced cerebral tranquility’, perfect for glazing out to a movie. A great way to relax muscles & unwind stress after a long day on your feet. Patients seeking relief from muscle spasms, nausea, & anxiety might find particular therapeutic benefits from this most awesome herb :) CBCB.

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Jose Sanchez

Orale pues carnal! Esa pinche mota esta la mas suprema, Mi favorita tipo: Erkle!!!


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