Classic Trainwreck from Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley




Absolutely magnificent! This is among the most pristine cultivars of Trainwreck I’ve sampled in years. It’s rare these days to find such an authentic phenotype of Trainwreck executed with such mastery. This flower has all the genuine characteristics of original Arcata Wreck … lemon-pine essence, soaring euphoria, & remarkable therapeutic value. A true Cali classic done right by CBCB, an excellent Berkeley Dispensary!


Developed out of Humboldt County in the late 80′s, Trainwreck has become a staple of California’s medical cannabis community much in part to its signature ‘piney lemon fuel’ essence along with its remarkable therapeutic/euphoric properties. Legend has it that Trainwreck was discovered somewhat serendipitously after a pair of brothers were forced to prematurely harvest an outdoor grow due to a nearby locomotive accident. To their astonishment (& luck), their crop was ready for harvest (something that’s atypical of most true sativa breeds). In honor of their discovery the strain was appropriately dubbed ‘Trainwreck’, a name that has remained a fixture of the medical cannabis scene ever since. Trainwreck has gone through some major transformations over the years as its breeding lines have been increasingly stabilized with skunk/indica genetics in an effort to increase its indoor garden productivity (while out-breeding its unwieldy, finicky, & hermaphroditic growth patterns.) This cultivar of Classic Trainwreck expresses all the characteristics of original Arcata Trainwreck … in all its glory.


Whoever grew this strain should write the book on How to Grow Trainwreck To Perfection. The bouquet is like something out of a fairytale with trichomes glistening like shimmering crown jewels. It has the quintessential pungent Arcata-wreck essence with powerful notes of pine, lemon, & gasoline. You can smell this one from across the hall… or down the block!!


The flavor of Trainwreck is as uplifting & therapeutic as the high. It’s among the most unique & exotic flavors in all of cannabis. The vapor has a distinct woodsy-menthol essence with notes of pine & fuel on the exhale. A few hits of vapor leaves a lingering aftertaste taste of lemon-candy & pine varnish.


A good friend of mine once described Trainwreck as a “roller-coaster of positive emotions”… I couldn’t agree more. The variety has a capacity to inspire profound creativity, joyfulness, & introspective thinking. After just a couple snappers my mind felt lively, energized, & ready to go. The high slowly works it’s way into the body providing a powerful yet functional effect that’s ideal for settling nausea & relieving inflammation.  Find more wonderful marijuana strains at CBCB.

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