Cookie Monster from Platinum Clouds, San Jose

Cookie Monster

Platinum Clouds, San Jose


Gorgeous batch of Girl Scout Cookies from Platinum Clouds in San Jose. This is one of the most authentic & well-grown batches of GSC I’ve ever sampled from a dispensary. It has the unique exotic peppermint-varnish essence that sets Cookies apart from the rest. The buds have a spooky greyscale look with patches of bright jade & dark forrest green. Beautiful strokes of opaque purple run down the tips of the greasy calyxes. Extremely viscid & resinous to the touch; you can feel it’s potency at your finger tips when breaking it down. The flavor of the vapor is truly gourmet with strong notes of menthol-mint, vanilla pastries, & wood varnish. Lip-smacking OGesk’ exhale with an aftertaste that hints on mint tea, charcoal, and fuel. The effect really caught me off guard … this is on a whole different level of strength than any Cookies I’ve ever tried. The initial wave of physical & cerebral euphoria is profoundly intense & filled with radiating warmth. An ideal variety for treating advanced symtoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, & movement disorders.

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