Dream Queen from The Apothecarium




Dream Queen (Space Queen x Blue Dream) … Sativa Dominant (S+I). This cut has been circulating throughout the bay since 2009. It’s slightly Space Queen dominant with shades of the legendary ‘Cindy 99′. Blue Dream adds a subtle but uplifting haze influence. I’m not a big Blue Dream fan but Space Queen buffers out some of the more ‘hazy’ qualities I don’t prefer. Both genotypes complement each other very well in this most excellent hybrid.  Find more stellar cannabis strains at The Apothecarium and here…San Francisco Dispensaries.


Grown to absolute perfection! Dream Queen has a powerful effervescence hinting on aloe vera & menthol cough rub. The buds have a hazy Blue Dream essence on the outside; crack open a nug & out pours the exotic ocean spray sweetness of Space Queen. Beautiful tall semi-transparent trichome. Excellent cure, clean & fast burn (a la Blue Dream). Produces a light white ash … very ‘thin & wispy & hazy & menthol’ vapor … delightful!


Perfect balance of Space Queen’s ‘ocean spray bliss’ & Blue Dream’s hazy ‘aloe vera & perfume’ essenc. The flavor is very mellow & hazy on the inhale, menthol grapefruit & white tea on the exhale. The lingering aftertaste is very hazy with hints of perfume, sage, & aloe vera … an absolute pleasure to inhale … & exhale!


The high is graceful, uplifting, & euphoric; very creative & motivation. Starts off putting the mind & body in a warm euphoric trance. Great for tackling a project or enjoying a meal. Over time the haze qualities creep in providing for a more spacey high ideal for glazeing out & letting your mind drift away. The high comes down as gracefully as it takes off, never crashing or causing sluggishness. A true ‘feel good’ marijuana strain :)


Ideal for mood elevation, energy elevation, appetite stimulation, nausea relief, & stress relief … balance of uplifting energy & therpuetic strength make this perfect for patients looking for something that’s both powerful & suitable for daytime use … DQ is particularly effective for lifting the spirits & promoting positive thinking :)

… brilliant flavor hints on grapefruit, aloe vera, & menthol candy. Delivers a euphoric & energizing effect ideal for staying afloat throughout the day… long-lasting euphoria without any crash or body-drag … lovin’ it.


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