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Durban Poison

Goddess Delivers, Statewide California


During the late 1970’s in the Durban region of South Africa, Ed Rosenthal discovered a landrace strain comprised of pure sativa genetics. Named after the territory it was procured from, something as wild and unpredictable as Durban Poison takes time to tame. Starting with early finishing plants, Ed inbred his favorites until he reached a point where he was ready to share the strain with Mel Frank. Mel’s focus was primarily on the continuation of a decreased flowering time. Phenotypes A and B were produced from this work, and with A being Mel’s favorite, he passed B along to Sam the Skunkman. Sam spent time in Amsterdam working the strain over himself, still aiming for an even shorter flowering period so the strain could succeed outdoors in the fleeting Dutch summers. This ended up being a prominent selling point, making Durban Poison a preferred sativa strain for Dutch growers. With so much time and attention devoted to it, Durban Poison has become a star candidate for crossing with other varieties and can be found in a collection of award winning hybrids. Breeders find the strain especially useful in speeding up the process when crossed with plants that tend to be late bloomers.

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…tight and dense, exploding with tangled, unruly calyxes. This lady may have been tamed, but her appearance tells us she will always be a little wild.


Tightly caged within its restricting quarters, the bouquet of Durban Poison eagerly awaits an opportunity to escape. Fumes of candied turpentine flood the senses with an intense, piney sweetness. The aroma lingers for some time before fading into soft, woodsy undertones highlighted with a touch of anise. Tearing the flower open releases a sweet and savory experience filled with juicy lamb slathered in mint jelly and sap of pine. When ground up, the air becomes saturated with vapors of black licorice bursting from sweet, candy-coated shells.

Durban Poison is tight and dense, exploding with tangled, unruly calyxes. Golden trichome colonies shimmer amongst a thick network of fiery amber pistils. The warmth of their honey hues drowns out the rich, earthly greens struggling to erupt from below. This lady may have been tamed, but her appearance tells us she will always be a little wild.

Durban Poison from California Dispensary Goddess Delivers


Durban Poison shows her wild side in many ways and many flavors. As a landrace strain, the flower’s heritage includes more than just a name. Durban Poison delivers characteristics of her land, the soil from which she came. A spicy mouthful of flavors develop into something delectably sweet, creamy, and floral, mentholated with piney mint and a lick of licorice. As the session continues, cayenne infused Scotch is served up with peppered lamb, tiny pinecones, and a sprig of mint. Though flavors travel to a darker side, in the end a light, creamy sweetness prevails with floral notes and a minty finish.


The effects of Durban Poison are expansive both mentally and physically. Assisting with bronchial dilation, the flower offers a clear, raw, and sharp dilation of the mind as well. Cluttered thought traffic has been cleared from neural highways, leaving behind an open and accepting mental space that is great for meditation. The euphoric energy is inspiring and uplifting, promoting focused productivity, interest in outdoor activities, creative projects, and social occasions. Durban Poison has been found to be a helpful strain for those who seek daytime relief from pain, nausea, and migraines.

Durban Poison Strain from California Dispensary Goddess Delivers


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