Durban Poison from Medithrive

Durban Poison

Medithrive, San Francisco


This classic South African sativa from Medithrive has made its mark as an international breeding powerhouse, finding its way into countless modern hybrids including the latest rage, Girl Scout Cookies strain. Durban Poison is special for so many reasons; it’s among the earliest finishing and most uniform growing landrace sativa varieties ever to be popularized by seed distributors. This makes it an ideal selection for growers and breeders looking to increase their garden productivity while retaining sativa characteristics. It’s growth patterns, flowering time, and yield are on par with many highly productive indica varieties making this a sativa lovers dream come true. Durban Poison has remained a staple among chronnoisseurs for over 20 years in part to its signature flavor and energizing high… a true living legend!

grown to near perfection, Medithrive carries some of the most consistently amazing Durban Poison you’ll find in the bay, or anywhere else …


The taste of true Durban is one of the most unique & refreshing flavors in all of cannabis. Fresh out of the jar the bouquet perfuses strong notes of lime & fuel, with undertones of pine & mint. The inhale is piney & expansive … the exhale has a brilliant citrus-mint aftertaste that’s as uplifting as the high itself. It’s the kind of vintage flavor that can only come from a true landrace sativa!

… vintage sativa flavor with strong notes of lime, mint, & incense on the exhale…


Pure sativa euphoria! Durban’s high is crisp, clear, & energetic. It produces an almost ‘caffeinated’ effect that increases alertness, heightens the senses, & gets the mind moving; a perfect solution for medicating early in the day & staying productive. The fast-acting effect is particularly suitable for quickly relieving acute symtoms such as nausea & neuropathy. The pure sativa high is ideal for boosting energy, increasing appetite, and elevating mood. 99% off all modern cannabis available at dispensaries has been hybridized with indica so it’s a real treat to be able to enjoy the pure medical qualities of sativa cannabis.

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