Marijuana Strain Dutch Treat from Berkeley Patients Group, Berkeley

Dutch Treat

Berkeley Patients Group, Berkeley


Dutch Treat strain from Berkeley Patients Group is a modern (NL x Skunk x Haze) hybrid bred out of Amsterdam in the late 90’s, & then popularized by Canadian seed distributors over the last decade. The bouquet, flavor, & effect are all very ‘Jack Herer oriented’, but with some added indica strength. :) Enjoy more great marijuana strains at these fine Berkeley Dispensaries.


Super frosty!! Very dense nugs with a sweet citrus-pine aroma!! The tall amber trichomes are very prominent throughout the foliage. Breaks down to dust, and burns to grey ash.


Absolutely gourmet ganja!! The flavor contains notes of sweet citrus; with hints of pine on the inhale, & eucalyptus on the exhale. The flavor remained in tact throughout the whole joint start to finish… a true mark of properly grown herb.


The effect initially produces a very euphoric & uplifting feeling. With time the effect slowly mellows out, relaxing the body & mind. I preferred this variety as an after dinner smoke to get ready for bed. That being said, it wasn’t too heavy where I couldn’t enjoy it as a morning smoke as well :) Amsterdam awaits!

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Just got some at a local dispensary in Tucson. The buds kinda reminded me of some of the top shelf White Widow I have tried - they were a similar off-white hue and dense, with reddish brown hairs. It had tested at over 21% THC. Smelled pungent and earthy, with notes of pine and cocoa. The taste was a little surprising - sweet and piney, with little of the pungent quality coming through. This is a great hybrid - I get the body relaxation and pain relief of an indica, along with a very typical haze like mental effect. Very clear mental effect and not too strong.


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