Fire OG from Medithrive

Fire OG

Medithrive, San Francisco


Fire OG is an old school sativa dominant pheno of SFV OG that was procured & popularized by the legendary Raskal OG. It became a mainstay in the LA mmj scene during the mid-2000’s, often demanding $70+ an 1/8th when grown to perfection. You can sense the presence of Fire OG in countless modern hybrids including Raskal’s very own masterpiece, White Fire. It’s hard to correlate Fire OG with any of the other popular OG cuts as it truly stands in a class by itself. I tend to categorize OG phenotypes into two primary groups; the lemon-pledge-sativa cuts (i.e. Tahoe OG, Skywalker, Louie 13), & the skunky-‘rustic’ cuts (Platinum, Diablo, Larry) etc… Fire OG doesn’t really fit into either category. It has a certain signature woodsy-varnish-gassy-charcoal funk that’s like nothing else, and a remarkable high that delivers a simultaneous sense of intense-euphoria & soothing-tranquillity. It’s not as mind-numbing or feverish as some of the lemon cuts, & not as lethargic (or boring) as some of the more indica-natured cuts (like Diablo). Fire OG is an all around legend for it’s strength & flavor … expect to see plenty of it on 91life!!


You’ll never see Fire OG grown the same twice; every grower and grow-room seems to give new light to this most awesome strain. The experts at Progressive Options Clone Nursery in LA have informed me that “you can take the Fire (or Tahoe) cut, have it grown by 20 different growers, give the resulting cultivar to a blind-panel of experts, and they’d think it was 20 different OG phenos”. Just shows you how non-homogenous & unpredictable OG is in general, which ads to the overall glory & mysticism of the strain. This batch of Fire OG has a very greasy bouquet that drips with viscid resin glands. The edgy-abstract calyxes (quintessential of OG) are tightly glued together like a artichoke-heart infused with sticky glue. Fresh out of the bag (or ‘tin’ I should say in the case of Medithrive’) the herb has an earthy pine aroma with hints of lemon cleaner & chlorine. Break down some buds and out pours the the unmistakable lemon-varnish-funk of Fire OG Kush. :)


This batch of Fire has different flavor than any I’ve tried in the past. It has less of the woodsy-charcoal funk and more of a lemon-varnish-cleaner twinge … which I love!! Like all good OG, the vapor was expansive and left a quintessential pine-mint-fuel aftertaste on my palette. I noticed the presence of the flavor really come out as the herb cured in a mason jar for a few days. It’s one of those herbs that’s so dank with resin you want to let it breath for a hour or 2 before you grind it down so it burns properly.


The power muscle relaxing & stress relieving effect Fire OG has made it a mainstay among patients everywhere for nearly a decade. In very few varieties do you find such a harmonious balance of soothing tranquility & uplifting euphoria. Both indica and sativa lovers alike will appreciate the euphoric & relaxing nature of Fire OG. The initial wave of soothing-euphoria is a perfect remedy for relieving both stress & anxiety. The high quickly works its way deep into the muscles making it ideal for treating muscle spasms & easing inflammation.




thanks a million! now i know. i was wondering for a long time whether i had the nor-cal or raskals cut of fire OG, i just knew i bought a top-notch cutting of this at Medi-thrive and created some beans with pollen from an old-school red haired sativa.

Randy Cayenne

Just made some bubble hash from some Yoda O.G. i grew it TLO and it just kicked ass... all i added was extra calcium and Magneseium so cal mag every little bit but got 21 =oz dried so you can imagine the size only vegged for 29 days lol........

    Ty Palmer

    Three cheers for success in the garden! We appreciate hearing winning stories top heavy with trichomes. Thank you, Kindly, Randy.


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