Girl Scout Cookies from Medithrive, San Francisco

Girl Scout Cookies

Medithrive, San Francisco


100% lip-smackin’, body-relaxin’, stress relievin’ bliss!! This batch of Girl Scout Cookies from Medithrive is one of the finest examples of “platinum-style” Girl Scout Cookies you’ll find in the Bay (or anywhere). It packs GSC’s signature minty lemon-fuel-varnish essence along with a profoundly therapeutic body-high that lasts … & lasts … & lasts :)


Girl Scout Cookies is an F1 development of Durban Poison that was bred by stabilizing landrace Durban with an old school OG pheno dubbed Flo-rida. There hasn’t been a strain with so much hype surrounding it for years. Of course the hype doesn’t come without controversy. The insatiable demand for GSC has given rise to many fakes, counterfeits, & knockoffs. There are several legitimate cuts of Girl Scout Cookies in circulation including Platinum Cookies, Cookie Monster, & the original Thin Mints. The Platinum cut (which this reminds me of most) typically has the most OG’esk flavor along with a deep relaxing body-high. ¬†Find all the great Girl Scout Cookie cuts here…San Francisco Dispensary list…


This one looks & smells as loud as it is!! Beautiful unique shades of jade & maroon run throughout the foliage. The buds have a similar structure to many OG phenos with edgy abstract calyxes dripping with resin. Straight out of my jar the flowers have an overwhelming lemon-varnish essence with hints of mint candy. After breaking down some buds my entire living room was overtaken by the quintessential piney-fuel funk of old school OG.


One the most flavorful batches of Girl Scout Cookies I’ve ever sampled. The vapor is raw, skunky, & expansive on the inhale. The exhale is 100% OG bliss with notes of mesquite barbecue, pine varnish, & petrol fuel.


Incredible body-relaxer; particularly ideal for relaxing muscles, relieving pain, & easing inflammation.



Nobody is giving swerve any credit what's up with that??? as a gsc fanatic I've been blessed the two best gsc cuts Utah can get. And pieguy420s authentic cut is full of flavor and hits with a powerful indica euphoria but swerves of tcc was also amazing with a chocolate inhale and a strong o.g./cherry Luke exhale with undertones of thin mint and hash I gotta say swerve needs a trophy for his breeding efforts stop hating and appreciate artists


    We've got lots of love for Swerve and appreciate the quality of his genetics. Thanks for your comment!


Luke was a typo. My bad peeps

dank memes 420blazeit

The fax thin mints are like lush without lemons replaced with mints and straight lazy heady high it's weird it's all in the dome but you feel sort of lazy


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