Marijuana Strain MK-Ultra from Waterfall Wellness


Waterfall Wellness, San Francisco


T.H. Seeds’ MK-Ultra from Waterfall Wellness has a potent parent blend of Legendary G-13 with L.A. California’s finest, the OG Kush. Named after CIA experiments performed in the 1950’s, this strain means business. Known better for its indica qualities, there is certainly some secret sativa lurking about in this strain. MK-Ultra strain pleasantly reeks of government experimentation, and even more so when taking the ‘legends’ of Legendary G-13 into consideration. Love Waterfall Wellness like we do? Check out these great San Francisco Dispensaries.


These tight resin coated MK-Ultra strain buds have a thick, pudgy appearance to them that resembles their indica traits. The frost of trichomes coats a combination of light to bright green and peeks out from beneath a thick tangle of amber hairs. At first, the dominant aromas of cedar and fresh pine hijack your senses, but there is a warm trail of cocoa caramel tea that shyly follows through the end.


Similar to its bouquet, the flavor of MK-Ultra hits you with a heavy resinous pine accompanied by notes of earthy cedar. Upon exhaling, an unexpected sharp cedar finish surfaces and lingers in the mouth. The sensation edges its way across and towards the back of the tongue where it momentarily resides before disappearing.


MK-Ultra immediately washed a wonderfully bright, mellow feeling over me. It brought about a euphoric lightness in a way that made my entire everything feel lighter, as if a great burden had been lifted. MK-Ultra has a kick to it that inspires and encourages productivity in an, ‘it’s about the journey not the destination’ kind of way. If, after a period of time the inspired action is not utilized or maintained, it will fade into something that is quite pleasant and lazy. There is a touch of focus and clarity that arises with this strain, but it’s more powerful attributes aid in melting away tension and anxiety as well as potentially assisting in the reduction of pain and depression. Waterfall Wellness



I want to smoke this bud.


The author means the individual sample of "MKU" they tried had those qualities.. Seed cannabis varieties are never very uniform. If you purchase "MKU" seed, expect to do some hunting to actually find something like described. It appears the only reasonable expectation would be dense, stocky buds with high cannabinoid output and some variety of pungent aroma.


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