Marijuana Strain Noshaq Kush from Takoma Wellness Center, Washington DC

Noshaq Kush

Takoma Wellness Center, Washington DC


Noshaq is the one of the highest peaks in the Hindu Kush Range, near the Kush valley famous for its Indicas. Noshaq Kush is genetically derived from the Afghan Kush grown in that fertile valley and is a new strain that has just recently come onto the scene.

The strain is available in the various Washington DC dispensaries, such as the Takoma Wellness Center, Capitol City Care, or Metropolitan Wellness Center. We got our flower of Noshaq Kush from my personal favorite dispensary Takoma Wellness Center, a non-profit dispensary in DC that helps the community in so many ways. They donate proceeds to the local Whitman-Walker AIDS clinic and are active members in the community. Takoma Wellness Center is always adding new strains and improving their presentation of top quality cannabis medicine. I use medical cannabis for my fibromyalgia and have been visiting this dispensary for almost a year now. The entire staff treats you like family, and visiting is always a pleasant experience.

I use medical cannabis for my fibromyalgia. The relatively high CBG (13%) may have a lot to do with the strain’s effectiveness, for my anxiety was eased, and my spirit lifted. My mind relaxed along with my muscles.

I enjoy testing the effects of the various cannabinoids, especially the ones I haven’t tried yet. I have sampled THC and CBD extensively, but I have not yet really sampled CBG (Cannabigerol). When I saw this new strain Noshaq Kush come into Takoma Wellness Center dispensary, I first noticed the 13% CBG (along with 17% THC and 8% CBD) and realized this would be a good chance to try CBG. Stephanie Kahn, a staff member at Takoma Wellness Center said, “This is a very strong Indica!”.

SC Laboratories reports that CBG inhibits cancer and tumor cells from growing, stems the growth of bacteria, stimulates growth of bones and also reduces inflammation. CBG inhibits the uptake of GABA, a brain chemical responsible for the regulation of the reactions of neurons. Those who suffer from anxiety or muscle tension may enjoy relief when GABA is inhibited.


The flowers are tall, compact, and very dense, with only a slight stickiness. Noshaq Kush has pale green leaves with brownish-orange pistil hairs intertwined. Whitish-amber trichomes sparkle and glisten. I experienced an earthy, grassy bouquet, with a sweet spiciness that tingled the nose. Upon first inspection of the flowers, the Kush “skunk” smell was not overpowering, did make its presence felt. The mild lemongrass and sage aroma is very pleasant and soothing.


I sampled the fresh Noshaq Kush flowers in a waterpipe. The smoke being drawn in was mild but creamy and had a very earthy, distinct taste, with only a slight tinge of skunk. Exhaling left a moist, fruity taste in my mouth. The lingering smoke is surprisingly strong in “skunk” odor, so be sure to have the windows open or a fan going with this one. I also tasted a tinge of mint, pine, cherry and even cinnamon in the flavonoids that tickled the senses. My experience with Noshaq Kush has been pleasant all around. The “entourage effects”, or the combined effects, of the flavonoids, trichomes and cannabinoids are very powerful on the senses and nose and are a large part of the therapeutic properties of Noshaq Kush. The sensations eased my mind and relaxed my muscles.

Noshaq Kush from Washington DC Dispensary Takoma Wellness Center


Noshaq Kush is a heavy Indica that definitely lives up to it’s “Kush”, melting muscles and calmin the spirit within a few minutes of use. My head lightened and my headache eased, and a sense of overall wellbeing was felt. It eased the pain in my muscles and joints, and took my mind off the pain. I didn’t feel a need to take a second puff so quickly, as the rush and effects lasted for almost 15 minutes (a significant duration for my fibromyalgia symptom relief).

I felt the effects of Noshaq primarily in my head, around the crown chakra; which is surprising with an Indica. The powerful effects of this truly strong medicinal strain were profound. The relatively high CBG (13%) may have a lot to do with the strain’s effectiveness, for my anxiety was eased, and my spirit lifted. My mind relaxed along with my muscles. The body effect hit second. As predicted, the effect was pretty strong. “Couch lock” wasn’t far behind. I felt relaxation in and around my root chakra.

Noshaq Kush is definitely an Indica for night time only, for it causes severe drowsiness and deep relaxation. Noshaq also causes the “munchies” so make sure you have nuts and berries standing by. I would recommend this potent medicinal strain for heavy pain, severe insomnia, migraines, severe muscle spasms, anxiety and depression. Noshaq Kush is an awesome strain that is good for fibromyalgia and other diseases with muscle spasticity issues. I will definitely try this strain myself again for sure.


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