Marijuana Strain Pink Lemonade from Waterfall Wellness

Pink Lemonade

Waterfall Wellness, San Francisco


Sativa Dominant Hybrid (S+I) … unknown genetics


Super exotic bouquet … some of the most exquisite flowers I’ve laid my eyes on lately … beautiful frosty calyxes with gorgeous streaks of lavender … sugary effervescence hints on pink cool-aid & aloe vera perfume … cured-to-perfection with buds breaking down to a fine course powder … truly magnificent :)


The flavor is true to its name … 100% pink lemonade!!! … smooth menthol cool-aid on the inhale … sugary pink lemonade on the exhale … reminds me of old school Hawaiian Haze from back in the day … the lemon candy essence lingers on the tongue for what seems like an eternity … yet never long enough … never long enough!!!


Three simple words sum this one up … ‘smooth … coasting … euphoria’ … graceful, uplifting, & energetic … yet smooth, warm, & comforting … keeps me light on my feet … no crash, just hours of uplifting positive energy … great for meditating, enjoying the outdoors, or taking on a creative endeavor.


Pink Lemonade’s uplifting nature & fast-acting onset make it an ideal selection for quickly elevating mood, relieving stress, & curbing nausea, all without any lethargic crash or body-drag … particularly suitable for patients trying to find something that’s good for the daytime … I found this was good for keeping my mind away from my body :)



… a perfect treat for a hot summer day! … Pink Lemonade has an exotic sugary ‘pink cool-aid’ flavor & a soaring euphoric high ideal for elevating mood and curbing nausea.


A perfect treat for a hot summer day! With all the rage surrounding Girl Scout Cookies strain & Cherry Pie strain, it’s easy for diamonds in the rough like Pink Lemonade strain to go under the radar. Well, it’s on our radar, & we think it deserves to be on yours too! This stands out as one of the most exceptional new flavors I’ve sampled this summer. The bouquet has an exotic sugary redolence that truly speaks to its name. Its brilliant strawberry bubblegum flavor is so infectious I could gnarl & gargle it all day! The high is sativa dominant with just a tad of indica in its backbone providing for warm & entrancing euphoria without any edginess. The high gracefully lifts the body & mind. Pink Lemonade’s remarkable therapeutic strength makes it high make it an ideal choice for elevating mood & curbing nausea. Waterfall Wellness has a number of rare exotics that its developing a sound reputation for, but this has to sit among the top. It’s good to see new collective like Waterfall Wellness putting such a precedence on offering superlative quality; I can only hope others follow in their suit.

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Jacob Smith

Spot on with the review! Best strain in my garden this year. Solid purple nuggets, so dense that the caterpillars don't even try to chew through it...literally. My buddy that bred them lost his mothers and I can't find any seeds or cuts anywhere. Always happens to your favorite!

Andy Milonakis

you wanna get sucked or fucked nigga


Mike from Cornelius Oregon made it and continues to make it


Mike from Cornelius Oregon made that strain and still has it going

Ronnie kidd

Could someone help me obtain for my medication OMMP card holder in oregon.this med is delicious.any help payed forward. Thanks


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