Private Reserve OG from Blum, Oakland

Private Reserve OG

Blüm Oakland, Oakland


This batch of Private Reserve OG from Blüm Oakland is a heavy hard-hitting indica with excellent medicinal properties. It carries OG’s signature sour-funk exhale along with a remarkably intense (yet calming) effect.  Blüm Oakland is a recommended Oakland Dispensary.


Private Reserve OG is more commonly known as OG #18 (by DNA Genetics). It was 18th seed selected from their original line of feminized OG Kush seeds. After just a little time with OG #18 it was clear that she was something truly special. Her authentic sour-fuel flavor & OG-Chem intensity lead DNA to decide to re-feminize her. They were able to feminize an amazing pheno that yields 1/3 more than the original OG in just 9 weeks while retaining all the original funkiness of OG Kush.


The tightly trimmed buds covered with dark-amber pistols get very sticky & pungent when broken up. OG #18 buds are larger than typical OG Kush but feature the same ragged frosty calyxes. As the plant cures & nears ripeness the buds tend to get rock hard. This batch of Private Reserve OG is a spectacular visual of how a well-grown connoisseur OG flower should look :)


One the most flavorful batches of Private Reserve OG I’ve had recently. The vapor is thick, lemony, and heavy when inhaled. The exhale is 100% OG excellence with notes of familiar earth-like tones along with a funky petrol fuel aftertaste. This batch must of had at least a two-week flush because the flavor & burn are spot on. In comparison with the original OG Kush, OG #18 takes on a more woodsy flavor reminiscent of Chem Dawg.


This OG tends to lean heavily to the indica side of the spectrum. With just one rip I could feel my eyelids drop and felt an instant cerebral buzz. This is a very heavy & relaxing smoke with a bit of euphoria to it. The body-high reduces pain and muscles spasms making this a variety favored by patients with multiple sclerosis & movement disorders. Private Reserve OG delivers an intense ‘couchlock’ effect great for inducing sleep & pain relief.


Adam Shupe

so many OG's out always looking for pain relief with some lift. plz keep reporting more OG's...I like the sleepy side

John Hirsch

Will do Adam! Thanks for the feedback!


Puffing that PR og as I'm typing good shit bro!! Now I'm waiting for the shrooms to kick in now!


I picked up a quarter this pm and I can report that two hours after smoking Private Reserve OG I feel happy, completely relaxed, anxiety-free and just terrific.

juan rodriguez

This is one of the best hitting and flavorfull ogs ive vaped in a while. Super dank strain


what are the weeks of flowering and when do we harvest 8 to 9 weeks


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