Sherbet Marijuana Strain from Magnolia Wellness, Oakland

Sherbet Strain

Magnolia Wellness, Oakland


Hailing from the Cookie Family, Sherbet strain is one of their many popular strains currently flooding the market. The flower’s genetics are rumored to be a blend of the Cookie Family’s very own ‘recipes’: indica dominant Pink Panties crossed with the infamous Girl Scout Cookies ([F1 x Durban Poison] x OG Kush). In lieu of giving away all of their secret ingredients, the Girl Scout Cookies’ F1 strain remains anonymous to the public. We do know that the name F1 does not in any way represent the strain’s hybridization status. It is simply a family nickname and nothing more.

Our potent sample of Sherbet strain was procured from Magnolia Wellness in Oakland, CA, a standout Oakland dispensary.


Sherbet strain softly greets your senses with the candied aroma of frosted Fruit Loops cereal. The bouquet is light and airy, riddled with a fine, powdery sweetness. Dense and shapely, the flowers limey hues swirl under a lemon sugar coating of glistening trichomes. Occasional highlights of majestic purple creep out amongst the short, bristly clusters of caramel colored pistils springing from below. Breaking the flower open releases a sharp lemony-lime, pine scent with earthy undertones of topsoil. The aroma quickly succumbs to a familiar dank scent that can only be described as deep purple.

Dense and shapely, the flowers limey hues swirl under a lemon sugar coating of glistening trichomes.


First impressions of Sherbet strain jolt the taste buds with a mouthwatering twang of freshly peeled limes. Flavors full of frosty margaritas are being served up, and the rim is sparkling with candied pinesap crystals. A touch of earthy soil briefly surfaces before a light, powdery sweetness of Fruit Stripe gum blankets the tongue. Flavors linger in the mouth, accompanied by a delightfully soft and silky sensation.


Before you can finish exhaling, the soothing medicine of Sherbet strain has already taken effect. Feelings of soft and silky rapidly expand from head to toe. Sherbet relaxes the body, calms the mind, and melts the pain away. Anxiety and tension dissipate into a blissful cloud of euphoria. Sherbet relieves discomfort without stripping away the ability to stay focused and alert. The effects are uplifting with a creative undertone, enhancing mood through inspiration.

Magnolia offers patients a plethora of medicinal discounts, bonuses and services, including free bodywork, a visit with the barber, or time to sit down to speak with a nurse. With wellness in mind, the staff is friendly and full of smiling faces just waiting to greet you.

Sherbet Strain from Oakland Dispensary Magnolia Wellness


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