Marijuana Strain Sour OG Full Melt from Berkeley Patients Group

Sour OG Full Melt

Berkeley Patients Group, Berkeley


This past weekend I had the pleasure of picking up this Sour OG Full Melt from Berkeley Patients Group. It’s among the most refined, flavorful, & therapeutic water-extracts I’ve had the pleasure of sampling recently. Like all proper water-extracts, it retains the full flavor of the herb it was extracted from, while also delivering a more powerful effect with greater medicinal strength :)


What happens when you take two of the funkiest flavors in the history of cannabis and bring them together … Sour OG of course!! This popular hybrid of Sour Diesel & OG Kush has been a mainstay in the California medical marijuana scene since 2005. It’s among the earliest OG hybrids I remember sampling when I first moved out to Cali. There have been dozens of Sour OG phenos in circulation over the last few years. Some take on a more ‘ragged gassy sour-oriented’ disposition, while others lean more towards their OG ancestry, with its classic lemon-pledge flavor & unmistakable calyxes. This Sour OG extract strikes a harmonious balance between the two varieties; combining the electric euphoria & petrol-funk essence of Sour Diesel, with powerful body-numbing strength & lemon-pledge exhale of OG Kush. A beautiful synergy of classic American genetics in a great marijuana strain. :)


This water-extract has a creamy clay-like texture & an earthy essence hinting on kaolinite clay & lemon cleaner. The resin glands naturally melded together into wads of smooth silky hashish. An orange-brown hue covers the membrane of extract, with a beautiful dark-amber pigment on the inside. Rubbing the resin between my fingers releases a tantalizing aroma, with notes of fresh lime & dark cocoa to the nose. The hash is refined to a full melt purity; boils on the screen & melts on the nail, producing massive lung-expanding hits :) Find more great cannabis strains at these fine Berkeley Dispensaries.

Rubbing the resin between my fingers releases a tantalizing aroma, with notes of fresh lime & dark cocoa to the nose.


So gourmet … so refreshing!! This extract produces a thick earthy vapor with a slight menthol-lime essence. The inhale is thick & expansive, with a mellow lemon-cleaner flavor throughout the sinuses & throat. It immediately reminded me of terpenes often found in elite Lemon OG cuts such as Skywalker & Louis 13. The exhale is earthy & skunky, with notes of chocolate, diesel fuel, & fresh top soil. Yummy … Yummy … Yummy!!!

… Nothing quenches my endocannabinoid system’s eternal thirst for terpenes quite like Sour OG …


This one brings together all the euphoric & therapeutic properties that’ve made Sour Diesel & OG Kush powerhouses for years. The effect starts off with an electric buzzing euphoria (a la Sour D) that radiates throughout the body with brilliant luminosity. It produces Sour D’s quintessential ‘headband’ cerebral euphoria, along with a pulsating body-high to match. More than a dab or two brings about an intense wave of ‘highly’ therapeutic cerebral & physical euphoria. After about 15-20 of ‘coasting radiating euphoria’, the more smooth ‘tranquil euphoria’ of the OG comes to the forefront. This very long-lasting & full-bodied medicine might be particularly beneficial for patients seeking relief from conditions such as movement disorders, neuropathy, & epilepsy. The fast-acting body-high can help quickly relieve advanced symptoms such chronic pain, muscle spasms, & migraines. BPG.



wowzers, what a great review!! compliments to the chef as well!


Nothing matches the FUELY FUNK of pure Sour D !!


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