Strawberry Cough from Medithrive, San Francisco

Strawberry Cough

Medithrive, San Francisco


Absolutely & completely gourmet in every sense!! It’s rare to find a batch of Strawberry Cough grown with such mastery. It’s not particularly easy to grow, doesn’t yield a whole lot, & since Dutch Passion switched to ‘feminized only’, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a stellar pheno. This batch of Cough from Medithrive has all the great tangibles (& intangibles) that set Strawberry Cough apart from the rest; gourmet skunky flavor, powerful energizing euphoria, & an incredible capacity to ease anxiety/stress.  Medithrive is an excellent San Francisco Dispensary.


Strawberry Cough was developed with energy, synergy, & tranquility in mind. Dutch Passion’s primary goal was to breed a variety that had the energizing-euphoric qualities of landrace sativa while retaining the tranquility normally associated with indica dominant cannabis. They not only achieved their goal but managed to develop one of the most exquisitely unique varieties the world has ever seen. Strawberry Cough typically grows finicky, temperamental, & doesn’t yield much, so not a lot of growers choose to grow it, and fewer growers grow it well. Unfortunately, like many European seed companies, Dutch Passion has decided to distribute Strawberry Cough exclusively as feminized variety. Today’s feminized line of Strawberry Cough is a shadow of the original Strawberry phenos that were popular a decade ago. As more and more seed companies turn to feminized breeding & stop offering males, cannabis is becoming increasingly homogenous, generic, and generally lame. Fortunately, their are still people out there with original phenos, & we’re lucky enough to have one of those people bring their harvest to Medithrive … because this one’s legit :)

… Strawberry Cough is capable of calming the nerves while bringing about a powerful sense of energizing-euphoria…


The bouquet of Strawberry Cough is truly one-of-a-kind! After popping opening up my Medithrive tin can, (or Meditin as I like to call them), I was immediately invited by the quintessential tangy-herbal-citrus essence that can only be Strawberry Cough. The flowers have a brilliant ‘hybridesque’ demeanor similar to other contemporary skunk developments. Clusters of trichomes form thick layers of greasy resin that cake together between the calyxes. The picture really doesn’t do this one justice…


True to its name, Strawberry Cough has a rich skunky flavor with hints of ripe (rotting) strawberries on the exhale. It’s the same essence you’ll experience if you walk by a harvest of ripe organic strawberries; dank, pungent, & putrid … with undertones of sugary fragaria. The vapor has a tangy-menthol essence that’s refreshing & delicious to inhale. 100% skunky rotting fruit on the exhale. There’s a great moment in the film Children of Men that perfectly encapsulates the remarkable flavor of Strawberry Cough

Jasper: “Take another one. Now cough. What do you taste?” Miriam: “Strawberries?!?” Jasper: “Strawberries!! That’s what it’s called … Strawberry Cough!” Kee: “Wicked!”

– Children of Men … 2006


It’s rare to find a hybrid that delivers such a harmonious balance of sativa-euphoria & indica-tranquility. After taking just a few hits of vapor I felt an profound sense of joy, fulfillment, & creative energy. While the is profoundly euphoric & energizing, it’s also very relaxed and tranquil. This unique balance makes Strawberry Cough one of my favorite varieties for medicating in the afternoon, when I need something powerful, energizing, but not too ‘headie’. Patients looking for a highly therapeutic variety capable of energizing the body while decreasing anxiety :)

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