Strawberry Kush from Berkeley Patients Care Collective

Strawberry Kush

Berkeley Patients Care Collective


Sativa Dominant Hybrid… I’m not sure the exact genetic makeup of this variety of Strawberry Kush, but it’s pretty obvious Strawberry Cough is somewhere in its heritage. I would also guess based on the piney menthol-fuel flavor that there’s some Sour Diesel in the mix as well. ¬†Berkeley Patients Care Collective is recommended among these great¬†Berkeley Dispensaries.


The fluffy Strawberry Kush buds pack a skunky tropical effervescence with notes of kiwi, cantaloupe, peach, pine, & petrol-fuel. Its gorgeous bright hues & thick orange pistols are reminiscent of old school Strawberry Cough. Breathing in the exotic aroma is a therapeutic experience in itself! :)


Truly gourmet flavor! Strawberry Kush inhale is soft, creamy, & incredibly refreshing. The exhale is an shmorgishborg of exotic cannabis flavors with notes of sugary melon, gasoline, & pine cleaner.


100% smooth coasting euphoria! The high is soaring, quenching, & completely awesome. I was amazed by how this variety was able to increase my energy while keeping my mind calm & tranquil. Patients might find this Strawberry Kush ideal for elevating mood/energy while decreasing anxiety.


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