Trainwreck from Vapor Room


Vapor Room, San Francisco

Developed out of Humboldt County in the late 80’s, this classic sativa, Trainwreck, has become a staple of California’s medical cannabis community much in part to its signature ‘piney lemon fuel’ essence along with its remarkable therapeutic/euphoric properties. Legend has it that Trainwreck strain was discovered somewhat serendipitously after a pair of brothers were forced to prematurely harvest an outdoor grow due to a nearby locomotive accident. To their astonishment (& luck), their crop was ready for harvest (something that’s atypical of most true sativa breeds). In honor of their discovery the strain was appropriately dubbed ‘Trainwreck‘, a name that has remained a fixture of the medical cannabis scene ever since. Trainwreck has gone through some major transformations over the years as its breeding lines have been increasingly stabilized with skunk/indica genetics in an effort to increase its indoor garden productivity (while out-breeding its unwieldy, finicky, & hermaphroditic growth patterns.) This take on the classic (from Vapor Room) stays true to the original, representing one of the most authentic & high quality Trainwreck’s available at the best San Francisco Dispensaries.

“a true living legend … Trainwreck’s signature lemon-pine essence along with its remarkable therapeutic strength makes it an all-time great!”


Among of the most revered & coveted flavors in all of cannabis, there’s truly nothing quite like the exotic & funky essence of Trainwreck. The flowers pack an overwhelming pungency that bites at the nose with strong notes of pine, fuel, lemon, and redwood. Incredible levels of dankness; beyond what one man can describe. After grinding down some buds my entire living room was overtaken by the one-of-a-kind essence of that can only be ‘wreck’. Expansive & skunky on the inhale … exotic & piney on the exhale. Extremely (almost offensively) pungent smoke … the kind of herb that you can smell from down the hall … or down block!!

“over time Trainwreck has become an international breeding powerhouse, finding its way into countless modern hybrids including Caboose, A-Train, Zeta Kush, Sour Wreck, & many more.”


Trainwreck is renowned not only for it’s exquisite flavor but also its outstanding therapeutic & euphoric properties. The high takes its course much like a really good three part play; the first act is exciting, riveting, and euphoric … the second act is dramatic, contemplative, & inspiring … & the final act is stoney, entrancing, & comical. I’ve always noticed Trainwreck to provoke a powerful sense of emotional awareness, empathy & self-consciousness. The uplifting & euphoric nature of the effect is perfect for enjoying a pleasurable activity or getting lost on a creative endeavor. Some patients find Trainwreck to be suitable for daytime use while others find the effect to be somewhat disorienting (& dysfunctional). Trainwreck’s unique ability to distract the mind & bring relief to advanced physical symptoms makes it an ideal solution for patients going through long & arduous therapy sessions such as chemo & dialysis.


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