White Skunk from Harborside Health Center

White Skunk

Harborside Health Center, Oakland


White Skunk (White Widow x Super Skunk) was developed by Sensi Seeds in the mid-90’s & is currently being distributed under their White Label. Since its release this variety has garnered a strong reputation among growers for it’s remarkable garden productivity, producing bountiful yields of large frosty colas in less than 60 days. The open bud structure and abstract calyxes point towards White Skunk’s sativa ancestry while her brilliant orange pistils & creamy bitter-orange flavor highlight shades of her Skunk lineage. The bouquet & effect are largely sativa dominant with a flavor reminiscent of early Afghan x Skunk hybrids. ¬†Find more great marijuana strains at Harborside Health Center-Oakland…and at these fine Oakland Dispensaries.


White Skunk bouquet represents a beautiful fusion of Skunk’s brilliant hybridesk structure and White Widow’s outrageous resin production. While the buds are extremely dense/uniform the calyxes have an open-abstract form. Gorgeous clusters of tall milky trichomes are patched together throughout the foliage. Fresh from the jar the flowers have a soft-orange essence with hints of fine liquor, vanilla, & moth balls.


Mellow skunky flavor with hints of with Brazilian haze (via White Widow). The vapor is creamy & earthy with notes of orange soda, sage, & fresh clay on the exhale.


The high is electric, euphoric, & filled with positive energy. Very spacey-hazy cerebral effect perfect for elevating mood & taking the mind away from physical discomforts. The body high is light-on-your-feet & energizing. A great variety for staying creative, motivated, & medicated throughout the day. This one will really get you thinking… |^)
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