Marijuana Vaporizer Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic-Flight Launch Box

Love is always stronger than Fear

I didn’t start my mission seeking out a Magic-Flight Launch Box. I just wanted to find a vaporizer that was affordable ($100-$150), yet still provided quality results. As much as I enjoy playing hide and seek with flavors in the smoke of combustion, I needed something to help me detect the more subtle notes I occasionally have trouble extracting from the smokiness. With this in mind, I ventured down San Francisco’s infamous Haight Street and wandered into a headshop called Puff Puff Pass (View the gallery at the second location The Cave). The gentleman who assisted me had extensive knowledge on the subject of vaporizers and highly recommended the Magic-Flight Launch Box as he placed one on the counter for me to inspect. I was sold at hand carved.

gic Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Kit

The tiny tin container housing my recent purchase had a nostalgic quality to it. As I removed the lid, I felt like a kid again, digging into a new toy and examining all of the parts before enjoying it as a whole. The kit includes:

  • One maple launch box vaporizer (2.5 x 1.25 x 0.9 in)
  • Two pre-charged batteries with protector caps
  • A smart battery charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Draw stem
  • Instructions and a Brochure
  • The magic-flight felt-lined tin
  • Lifetime functional warranty

Magic-Flight’s brochure is designed with poignancy, humor, exquisite imagery and visual demonstrations. These helpful demos assist you with getting started, providing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your flowers. Fully educated, I loaded the chamber with finely ground flowers, swooped the lid around to click into place, attached the draw stem and popped in a charged battery with applied pressure for power. 5 seconds later I was vaping like a pro. Okay … I wasn’t an instant pro, there is a slight learning curve with drawing speed. By the second load, I had the process down. ¬†Finding a balance in your draw speed is a matter of literally feeling it out. Too slow of a draw produces a rise in temperature on the tongue. Inhaling a little faster will cool down the vapors and help you master your vaping experience. Shaking the box in between draws, as recommended, is an important part of the redistribution process for even heating. Otherwise, the results are similar to spending the day tanning only one side of your body and not the other. So shake it like you mean it and take another sip.

When in use, the Launch Box quickly supplies vapors that creep into your mouth with a clean, clear taste. The effects it produces are of a similar crisp nature, devoid of the heavy feelings that can accompany combustion. Some will argue that portable vaporizers can’t compete with the larger plug-in units. I strongly disagree with this belief. Even though the box’s trench is smaller than a stationary vaporizer, it still has the ability to launch you into orbit with just one load. In its sweet simplicity, Magic-Flight Launch Box‘s portable vaporizer is actually quite innovative and complex from start to finish, company to consumer.

Magic-Flight Launch Box allows you to operate in stealth mode with its palm-sized portability, creating absolutely no sound while in use and producing very little to no smell.

As the consumer, we pop in the battery and boom we’re vaping. There isn’t much consideration about all of the thought that has gone into this. Yes it is a conduction vaporizer, but it also has important infrared (IR) characteristics incorporated into its design that help support overall heat distribution. Magic-Flight Launch Box also contains several vapor flow channels, assuring minimal vapor condensation. Condensed vapor is vapor lost, which means flowers aren’t being fully utilized and a resinous mess has the potential to build up over time. Multiple vapor flow channels may not show up as a feature in competitor designs. We credit the self-proclaimed “true geeks” of the Magic-Flight design team, with their hefty comprehension of graduate level physics, physiology, and even psychology, for the proper harnessing and tracking of vapor flow through the Launch Box. Magic-Flight has left no stone unturned.

The benefits of this product are almost overwhelming, ranging from convenience and discreetness to environmental and health. Magic-Flight Launch Box has been brilliantly engineered, ignoring electronics and focusing on pure physical science, making the product extremely durable and therefore dependable. The box allows you to operate in stealth mode with its palm-sized portability, creating absolutely no sound while in use and producing very little to no smell. It only generates vapors when you apply pressure to the inserted battery thanks to the push-back ring. This allows you to divvy up your sessions however you please and power up or down in seconds. There is even a nifty little indicator light, letting you know how much juice that battery has left, and a clear lid to determine the state of your flowers. It is all too easy. No searching for lost lighters, no butane, harmful smoke or ashy messes and no more waiting. The product is completely void of hazardous materials and individually handcrafted from maple hardwood with sustainability in mind.

gic Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer for Marijuana

I was so impressed with my Magic-Flight Launch Box, I did a little digging to get to know the product better. Instead, I found myself getting to know the company. This is because my research left me with a complete understanding that the product IS the company. What does that mean exactly? We all too often purchase things without ever considering where they came from, and who created them, or what energy was placed into them. Maybe this is because in this day and age most things are not handcrafted, and have lost meaning beyond function. Machines pump out cookie cutter products that never had any intention or love infused into them. So when I say the Magic-Flight Launch Box is the company, I mean just that. The box isn’t just a tool to avoid combustion; it is a vessel carrying an important message from its very core. There are messages you can’t see, and then there is the one that is in plain sight. This product offers something much deeper and authentic than its competitors, it has a purpose, one that it beautifully serves with great appeal and positivity. This isn’t just a vaporizer you are purchasing, you are investing into a company that has values and heart, believing in the craft of life, love and living well.

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